The Five Toughest Mega Man Bosses of All-time

Ever since technology came to grace us with its presence, entertainment has evolved, and we now enjoy different games from the comfort of our homes. Mega Man Series has been at the top of keeping us entertained and the Robot Masters, or rather the Mega Man bosses, have become harder to defeat despite players having a weapon. Among the toughest bosses of all time here are the top five.

 Shadow Man: Mega Man 3

You have to be very fast if you are planning to beat this robot master. If you are thinking of developing a kind of rhythm with him, forget it because it is unpredictable and will strike you when you least expect it. If he is not throwing blades at you, he is continuously hopping, sliding swiftly in your direction and when you think you can avoid his wrath, he will jump right into you. Simply put, you can only try to avoid his shadow blades since they give you time to dodge them but the rest of his tactics, unless you develop flash powers to increase your speed of reaction, you are doomed.

Ice Man: Mega Man

Ice Man could very well turn out to be among your favorite Robot Masters, but his boss sure puts up a fight that is worth making him one of the toughest to defeat. His defense mechanism is firing Ice Slashers at you, and although he never breaks his pattern, they still become hard to dodge. Unless your jumping skills are over the top and your precision ability is unparalleled. If not, be ready to go down. You could try to evade the slashers, but even the slightest touch will leave you in ill health. So imagine dodging the ice slashers while the boss is always after you and sometimes also launching the slashers right next to you. Do not forget that in three hits, the slashers will kill you yet you need 28 hits to take him down.

Wood Man: Mega Man 2

If you thought leaves would never protect anyone, they protect Wood Man from your shots which have no impact when he summons four leaves to fall. Unfortunately, the falling leaves move back and forth, and you have to dodge them, and Wood Man launches his shield meaning you have to deal with both the new shield and leaves. Lucky for you, you have an invincibility frame to protect you, but it is not entirely invincible because it allows Wood Man to hit you once. You would think one hit is not as bad, but it adversely affects your health; therefore if you want to beat this robot master, precision is of the essence.

Elec Man: Mega Man

When you think you have acquired all the skills you need to be the winner, Elec Man makes you realize you are nowhere near to mastering the game. He is not predictable so good luck figuring out when he will launch that electricity bolt. You may be happy knowing that he only has one attack but do not get too comfortable that bolt of electricity is fast and unless you can move at the speed of light, you will not dodge it. One single move will set your health bar back by a third so you will have to focus on living more than taking down the boss.

Pharaoh Man: Mega Man 1

He cannot stay still, and he bounces around the arena while launching simultaneous shots at you. What makes your defeat imminent is the attack which is faster and taller than Mega Man. Therefore, you can choose to be short and slide to dodge the attack but only depending on where Pharaoh Man is standing. You can also choose to jump away but the trick is not just knowing when to jump, but how to do it; otherwise you will not escape defeat.


The Mega Man series has many challenging bosses, but these five have proven to be tougher than the rest. The levels can also be challenging, but the thrill of the game is worth the effort. Besides, the excitement of the game does not fade with time and no matter how many times you replay the Mega Man game series, every time becomes like a whole new experience that keeps you excited.

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