Trailer For Steven Soderbergh’s 1955-Set Heist Film “No Sudden Move”

It’s definitely easy to see that movies focusing on crime and gangsters are popular at the moment since there have been a few of them coming out and people are responding in a positive way. Steven Soderbergh’s most recent release, No Sudden Move, looks like something that might be just different enough to keep people thinking about what’s happening and why it’s worth watching. The cast alone is what makes this movie something that people might enjoy since the big names and even those that people might not know as well but are still easy to look up create a host of characters that have enough interesting quirks between them to create something that could be a little confusing at first but might work in a way that some folks aren’t entirely used to.

Bringing together actors whose talents don’t always appear to mesh is a strange thing to do in the eyes of some folks, but it definitely forces viewers out of their comfort zones and into a new line of thinking that can lead to a few interesting conclusions. As far heist movies go this one looks like it’s going to be different for a number of reasons, one of those being that it would appear that it’s bound to be a doublecross that will spark a series of events that are going to likely make life worse for a good number of those involved. There’s a lot to be taken from the trailer and yet it feels as though there’s still much more that has yet to be revealed since there are definite gaps between the scenes that appear to promise a good deal of information that we’re not getting, which is kind of uplifting really. Too much information handed out in a trailer can ruin a movie in short order as a lot of people know.

With the number of movies that are coming out at this point it feels as though the gangster movies are making a push to be recognized and it’s working so far since a few of them have been seen to appear online and people are responding in a positive manner. One could say that mafia and gangster movies have been a popular genre for a long time since they’re a part of American history that has been around for quite some time now in one form or another. Being a nation that was founded by immigrants and continued by tradition, gangs being a part of the nation’s historical background makes sense given that a lot of people needed some form of security when they came to this country and in some cases would seek that security by either allying with or depending upon one gang or another. It’s not a universal method by any means since as the movies and real life have shown us, gangs tend to start by focusing on unity and the strength of those that are gathered together for a similar cause. But too often, gangs are seen to become complicated when individuals break off and decide to do their own thing rather than think about the unity that brought the gang together.

In fact, that’s one big reason why the gang scene isn’t nearly as strong as it used to be, since many of today’s gangs preach about what they can offer and what they do for their community, but many in turn tend to harm the communities they profess to love and serve. In terms of this movie it’s fair to say that there are those who appear to be able to work together, but there are also those that are willing to cut each other out without any hesitation and play the type of games with each other that are bound to get people killed. In a big way this movie has a kind of suburban feel to it that attempts to rest uneasily atop the lifestyle of the criminal world, balancing precariously as the hoods and gangsters attempt to do their thing and control the show in as haphazard a way as they possibly can. Overall, it does look interesting enough to give a watch and it’s likely that it will be a topic of discussion after its release. How it will be received is anyone’s guess since these days a movie can look absolutely great and still be diced up by the critics when it comes time to give their two cents. This movie already looks like it might be something that could get decent reviews and enjoy the kind of rating that might make it stand out as one of the better movies of the year. We’ll have to wait and see how people react to it and whether or not it’s going to be considered just as good or even better than the other gangster movies that are coming up.

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