Treme Spoilers – 1.01, 1.02, 1.03 Synopses

As we posted earlier today, Treme is slated to premiere on HBO on April 11. HBO, in their infinite generosity, supplied us with the first three episode synopses. Since they most likely would be viewed as spoilers, I took it upon myself to post them here in the spoilers section. So without further ado, here they are, summaries of the first three episodes of Treme:

#01: ‘Do You Know What It Means,” airing April 11, 2010: Down-but-not-out trombonist Antoine Batiste performs in the first brass-band parade, or ‘second line,’in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina. The gig brings him face-to-face with his ex, LaDonna, who runs a local bar when she’s not in Baton Rouge with her kids and new husband. After attending the parade, radio deejay Davis McAlary blows a gasket at his station and at a record store, then gets thrown out of the restaurant run by his sometimes-squeeze, Janette Desautel. Meanwhile, Albert Lambreaux returns to the ruins of his home and the bar where he practiced, determined to clean up despite the skepticism of his son Delmond, a touring trumpet player, and daughter Davina. While civil-rights attorney Toni Bernette tries to track down LaDonna’s missing brother Daymo, her cantankerous husband, English professor Creighton Bernette, rails against the forces that sold New Orleans down the river in the wake of the storm. (Written by David Simon and Eric Overmyer; directed by Agnieszka Holland.)

#02 ‘Meet De Boys on the Battlefront,’airing April 18, 2010: After an on-air sacrifice costs Davis his job, he agrees to work at an upscale hotel in exchange for money from his parents. Janette also turns to her parents for a loan, but doesn’t get as much as she’d hoped. Angry that a contractor failed to repair her roof, LaDonna’s spirits are raised when Toni announces that Daymo has been found. Antoine considers playing on Bourbon Street when his other gigs run dry. Disillusioned that his university is cutting departments, Creighton considers finishing a novel he started long ago. Still in town to record with Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint, Delmond gets into a jam and is bailed out by Albert, who takes justice into his own hands when his tools are stolen. Later, reunited with tribe mate George Cotrell, he breaks out the tambourine and starts practicing for Carnivale. (Story by David Simon and Eric Overmyer; teleplay by Eric Overmyer; directed by Jim McKay.)

#03 ‘Right Place, Wrong Time,’airing April 25, 2010: Antoine’s gig on Bourbon Street creates tensions at home, as Desiree accuses him of cheating on her with a stripper. Sprung by Toni after harassing the National Guard, Davis attempts to repay the Bernettes by offering piano lessons to their daughter Sophie. After a short visit from her husband Larry, LaDonna visits his brother, a judge, in hopes of getting information on Daymo’s whereabouts. Sonny is irked when Annie is offered a gig playing with pianist Tom McDermott on her birthday. Bummed that he’s been left off the guest list for an NYC benefit concert, Antoine gets toasted — and later arrested. Aroused by a well-endowed mystery woman in Treme, Davis wines and dines Janette and ends up taking her home, again. While Delmond is in New York recording with piano legend Dr. John, Albert finds the body of his tribe’s ‘wild man’in the ravaged Lower Ninth Ward. (Story by David Simon and David Mills; teleplay by David Mills; directed by Ernest Dickerson.)

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