True Blood – Alcide Speaks

Fans of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse book series know about Alcide, but fans of the series’ television adaptation True Blood might not (I didn’t). Alcide, basically, completes the supernatural trifecta of the story. So far, we’ve been introduced to vampires (Bill, Eric, and the like), as well as fairies (Sookie has shown qualities of a fairy), in addition to quite a few other supernatural elements (Maryann, anyone?). However, the third big player in the supernatural trinity are werewolves. And, like all television trinities, there’s going to be a love triangle.

Well, quadrangle. In addition to Bill and Eric, Sookie will be turning a fond eye upon Alcide Herveaux, a werewolf (Were) who first makes his appearance in the third season. Alcide will be played by Joe Manganiello, an actor probably best known for playing Flash Thompson in Spider-Man (Peter webbed a lunch tray onto his back and later beat him in a fight). Manganiello recently spoke to Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly about his upcoming role in True Blood‘s third season.

“He’s really big. He’s giant,” Manganiello said of his character. “When Sookie first meets him, she opens the door and looks up, and then has to look up some more. So there’s this giant presence standing in the doorway with dark hair and dark features. He’s strong and protective. He comes from a construction background; his father is in the construction business. He’s heroic and romantic. I don’t think it’s a secret that he has a broken heart when he shows up. He had a really rough go of this relationship with Debbie Pelt, so there’s a lot of friction there. Debbie’s doing a lot of things to get back at Alcide.”

Fans of the book would be “pleased” with the character, Manganiello speculated, “at least initially.” He couldn’t say how long he’d be on the series, because they’d “just talked about this season.”

“Warm flesh and blood,” said Manganiello when asked what Alcide had to offer Sookie over Bill and Eric. “That’s the neat thing about my character: Although he’s not entirely human, he is flesh and blood. He has a lifespan. In the books he hugs Sookie and she feels his skin and it’s just radiating heat. So I think the fact that he has some kind of sun burnt heat-radiating skin is just completely different. It’s [similar to when] she met Bill and what a relief it was for her to not to be able to hear his thoughts.”

“You hear about love triangles all of the time,” Manganiello said. “It’s going to be interesting to see how the love square works out.”

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