True Blood To End After Season Seven

Very few things have survived the Twilight phase. Remember, when vampires were the biggest trend in Hollywood, and everyone wanted in on that action? Well, True Blood was one of the few vampire series that people could really sink their fangs in to (sorry, had to do it) and even though the Twilight phase has (thankfully) passed, True Blood has kept its loyal fan base. Well, bad news for that fan base, you may want to sit down for this.

True Blood will be ending in 2014 after season seven.

Rather than freak out, though, this could be a good thing. I mean this simply because some shows keep going based solely on how popular they are, and for that reason, they tend to give us weaker final seasons (Dexter *coughs) so maybe True Blood knowing when and how it is going to end may work in the sense that it will have a better, more solid ending, and leave everyone with a good taste in their mouth, as oppose to drawing it out and making some people lose interest.

I realize rabid True Blood fans could care less about that theory, and are just upset that the show is ending, and that can be understood, but atleast they have a direction to go, and with the success of this season, seem to intent on making more fans before they get there.

Big picture, though, relax. You still have a year left to enjoy True Blood. The show, not actual blood. That would be weird.

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