TrueBlood 2.04 – “Shake and Fingerpop” Spoilers And Videos


Damn you HBO, you made me do it! It was a hard wait wasn’t it? It makes perfect sense, mind you, to steer clear of the holiday weekend with your shiny new True Blood episode – wouldn’t want it tarnished by a dramatic drop in numbers due to a bunch of hung-over fourth of July revelers. Still, the tension hurts doesn’t it? Having to wait all this time to find out the fate of Sookie and company. Well, if the next couple of days seem a little too long, SpoilerGuy has a couple of tidbits for you on True Blood‘s return “Shake and Fingerpop”. Beware of major spoilers.

  • Bill “saves” Hoyt, but he doesn’t exactly need saving – turns out Jessica is able to keep her vampire tendencies in check even in the throes of teen horniness.
  • Tara lets Maryanne know she is moving out, and M.A. is surprisingly passive – for now. Tara finds out about lafayette and finds him convalescing, suffering with infection, and refusing medical treatment.
  • Andy loses his badge.
  • Steve and Sarah invite Jason to their home for lunch, where he promptly entertains fantasies of culinary eroticism as Sarah BBQs some ribs. Later, Jason is told that God has chosen him to become a “Soldier of the Sun.”
  • Sookie, Bill, and Jessica arrive in Dallas to find that there was a plot to kill them on arrival.
  • Eric shows up at Lafayette’s and gives him the gift of ultra-healing vampire blood.
  • Maryanne shows up at Sookie’s house while she is in Dallas, and throws a wild party for Tara – ala last episode.

And since, believe it or not, that is only about the middle of the episode – I’ll stop there. I don’t need to point this out, but I will anyways, this episode of True Blood is a mover. Lots of new plot threads set up, a few short term mysteries serviced, and the overall tension of True Blood twisted up a notch. Watch it. Love it.

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