TV 2 Denmark “All that we Share” is the Best Commercial of 2017 So Far

There are loads of commercials, promos, pictures, messages that all try and deliver something profound that we can grab onto and hold if only for a moment.  But many times commercials like that completely miss the mark.  Take the Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial that completely bombed this week.  What was supposed to be a unifying peaceful “protest” commercial was really something that divided us even further.  Pepsi even apologized for how bad it was and took it off the air.

On the other hand, there’s a commercial out there for a TV Subscription service in Denmark that not nearly enough people have seen.  I got a chance to see it today and had to share it with you guys.  Every single thing that Pepsi got wrong these guys got right.  It’s a commercial that shows that no matter who we are or where we’re from, we have a lot more in common than we think.

Even if we put ourselves in boxes, depending on what those boxes are, we still have way more in common than we think.  Check out out below:

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