TV Land Taps Veterans For First Original Series ‘Hot In Cleveland’

TV Land will join the ranks of other cable television networks this Summer with their very first original scripted series Hot in Cleveland. And while TV Land might not be your first thought for a network with original programing, they’re pulling out all the stops and bringing some hard core veterans to their new sitcom.

Hot in Cleveland will follow three friends who leave Los Angeles and wind up in Cleveland, of all places. Only when the locals start to see them as glamorous they decide to stay…hilarity ensues. So who are these standout veterans that TV Land has snagged? Valerie Bertinelli, who became known in the late seventies, early eighties sitcom One Day at a Time (and to a new generation via her Jenny Craig commercials), Jane Leeves of Frasier, Wendie Malick from Just Shoot Me, and the ageless, hilarious Betty White. Bertinelli, Leeves, and Malick will play the three friends, and Betty White will play the caretaker of the house the three women rent in Cleveland.

The pilot was filmed last fall and production on the series is slated to begin soon with a planned airing sometime in June of this year.


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