Is 2017 the Worst fall TV Season in Recent Memory?

I’ll be one of those that doesn’t just go out on a limb, I will RUN out on that  sucker with a weight vest strapped to my body and proclaim loud and proudly that critics’ jobs are simply TOO EASY. I’m bouncing here critics, come on and apply the pressure if you want because as a creator and a writer I’m not going anywhere. That being said if you want to listen to what I have to say then keep reading, otherwise feel free to derail right here as I go ahead and offer at least a token defense of the 2017 Fall season. Oh yes, I will gladly fire back at critics no matter where they come from, and I will do so for the love of the story.

Now that I’m on that particular limb let’s see if we can really get it bouncing. I said critics have an easy job, and I did mean it. The 2017 Fall season on TV is nothing to jump for joy about really, but it’s not so bad that critics should feel the need to lambaste it up and down with impunity. It takes virtually nothing to say that you don’t like a show, and even less to find ways to chip at it’s supposedly soft underside so as to tear it to pieces. If you want to show your dislike and disdain for something there are multiple platforms on which to do so and a lot of critics do just this.

But why?

Why bash what might be someone’s favorite show just because you can? Is it really important to their ego that they make people believe that their opinion is the only one that counts? Sure the Fall season looks slightly lackluster and sure there have been better seasons in the past. But there have been a lot worse too. I’m guessing a lot of critics these days are around my age and so don’t recall the 1977-78 season that spawned such disasters as Mulligan, Rafferty, and Big Hawaii. Now there was a time when TV shows seemed in true jeopardy of being tossed straight in the trash upon conception. Nothing worked back then, shows were on for a handful of episodes and were then scrapped, networks had to come up with stuff on the fly and run it even if it was only a half-conceived idea of a show.

But yes, by all means let’s torch the Fall season of 2017 when acting, dialogue, and special effects are actually miles and miles better than they’ve ever been. Every show and network will have miscues from time to time, but throwing out the baby with the bathwater, metaphorically speaking, is not the best practice anymore.

Criticizing an entire season’s worth of shows is perhaps one of the biggest over-generalizations ever made by critics and it’s getting to the point where a critic’s word is worth less than a peso in the American market. In other words critics, your words don’t mean much, and your opinions mean even less if that’s possible.

Here I am bouncing. Anyone got the nerve to break the branch?


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