21 Seasons of Joe Buck’s Fox Promos during the MLB Postseason

So by now you know that Joe Buck is a famous sportscaster and has been around for a long time, if you didn’t know that to begin with. What you also might not have known is that he’s read an uncounted number of promos for Fox shows during the MLB postseason for years. Not only is he calling the game but he’s giving a shout out so people can understand that another show on Fox is coming out eventually. If only he’d been able to tell folks to not bother watching the majority of them so they wouldn’t waste their time in trying to pick up the many different plots that came and went with the wind.

Okay that was unkind, but it was true. How many Fox sitcoms and dramas have come in the last 21 seasons? That’s two decades worth of television that has just come and gone, with shows popping up just to fade away as though they were never there in the first place. All these ideas and creative pieces that could have gone somewhere if only someone had been at the wheel that had an inkling of imagination and could do something with them. And Joe Buck had to cut promos for so many of them I would have thought that he would eventually ask his bosses why in the world he was being made to remind people when Fox did such a great job of it on their own.

Obviously though it’s a contractual thing that has to be done in order to keep Fox on the hook, so even if Joe had been opposed to it he would have had to suck up his pride a little and go ahead with it. That’s the name of his particular game after all, do what you’re expected to do and when needed, do what you’re told. It’s not the best part of the job obviously but it’s what a lot of people need to do in order to get paid and keep working from day to day. To be honest he called a great game for a lot of years and despite the hate that he’s had levied his way, and there’s a lot of it, he honestly only deserves a fraction of it at best.

The argument that sportscasters are biased is nothing new. In fact it’s not even an original argument since a good number of them will talk up one team over another and seem to be completely biased toward their favorite without any mention of the other team. So Joe Buck does it, so what? He’s not the first and he definitely won’t be the last in any sport, and for that reason alone the complaints of so many are kind of invalid. If a sportscaster has any real difficulty in their job it’s dealing with the negative criticism, and having to cut Fox promos on a regular basis. Between the two I’m not sure if I could really say which is worse, but having to accept people’s hatred on such a level and announcing a show that would probably be gone in a single season, I think I would have taken the critics.

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