Carpool Karaoke Mother’s Down’s Syndrome Video Goes Viral

It’s very easy to see how this video of Carpool Karaoke with Mother’s of Down’s Syndrome children could go viral. If it doesn’t make you tear up with joy just a little bit you might need to reassess your life just a bit since this video is touching on so many levels. Parents of children with Down’s Syndrome know very well that their child or children will not be able to live what has been deemed an average life as many of them simply lack the mental capacity to do so. But this doesn’t make them a single bit less of a joy to have as they’re still children and can enjoy the simple joys of life while growing up.

You might have noticed a few things about the kids in this video, aside from having Down’s Syndrome obviously, that really stick out. One of them is that a lot of them are just having fun with this song and some of them are even following along closely with their mothers, which is impressive in any kid really. But Down’s Syndrome kids tend have trouble concentrating and in some cases tend to wander off topic at times. You might have also noticed that some of them were sticking their tongues out quite a bit, but this is pretty natural. In any child the act of sticking their tongue out has to do more with the fact that they can, but with DS kids at times it is due to the fact that their tongue is too large for their mouth or lacks the proper muscle tone. This can be remedied with therapy but is pretty natural.

Aside from that however this video is simply great because it sends a very powerful message. There are still those in the world that look upon kids and people with DS as being lesser human beings due to their limited abilities, but nothing could be further from the truth. In all honesty those that grow with disabilities of any kind tend to be more empathetic and far friendlier than the average person as they’ve come to know what it’s like to be judged by others and ridiculed for no better reason than because they’re different. The statement these mothers are making is that they love their children no matter what, and the fact that they have DS makes absolutely no difference in their hearts or their minds when it comes to showing their kids just how much they value having them around. It’s a video about being a human being and showing the world that your child is always your child and your love for them is unconditional in all regards.

It’s also fun to watch just how much some of these kids really get into the song. Signing to another person for conversation is tough enough at times, but signing a song is harder since in order to make it sensible you have to be on time with each sign to make it work. But the kids and the mothers look like they’re having a great time, so it works all the same.

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