Cigar Bar Owner on ‘Bar Rescue’ Partners with NBA’s Dominique Wilkins

It’s always worth a word or two when a local business takes on a famed ex-ballplayer like Dominique Wilkins. But in this article a particular cigar bar manager in Memphis, Tennessee, whose father owns the business, is being put on blast by Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer as he tries to find a way to make the place more profitable. Cigar bars are pretty much what they sound like, bars that cater to drinkers and cigar lovers simultaneously, and they’ve been around for a while. Their popularity started to soar in the 1990’s though when they started making a comeback. This particular bar in Memphis however wouldn’t be the subject of interest unless it was failing in some way, which means Taffer is there to find a way to make it work as it should.

Cigars aren’t to everyone’s liking, they produce a lot of smoke and are pretty much an acquired taste. But for those that do enjoy them the cost of the hobby, and it is a hobby, can be quite expensive. Apparently however Robb Hunter Jr. is the type that likes to simply talk his way through the day and service the customers as a secondary option. Anyone could tell you that this isn’t the way you do business since it’s not bound to instill a lot of loyalty in the customer and it won’t make sales rise to the desired quotas. In other words, not having the skills to take care of the people won’t pay the bills. But that’s what Taffer is there for, and if you’ve ever watched Bar Rescue then you already know that he’s not the kind of man that takes excuses or goes easy one someone that’s letting their business sink into the ground. Worse still, since Robb Jr. is running the place and taking his old man’s money while doing so you can imagine that Taffer is already on overdrive just heading into the place.

When he finds out that Robb Jr. enjoys hiding out in the humidor of this impressively stocked bar more than he does being on the floor that’s a huge red flag to anyone that this guy doesn’t know enough about what he’s doing to be running a place. Another comes when he talks to a customer for an extended length of time and only manages to sell the person an $11 dollar cigar. Anyone that talks up a customer that much should be looking at a much bigger sale without the need to be pushy or insistent. Lookie-loos are always going to come and go, but anyone that’s serious about buying something needs to be sold up at least a bit so as to make the numbers that are needed. And ignoring people that need drinks is never a good thing, which is another red flag that will get Taffer’s ire since he’ll absolutely explode on people that aren’t taking care of their customers.

Hopefully Robb Jr. was good about keeping the place clean, because that’s something that Taffer would shut the place down for in a heartbeat.

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