Classic Eddie Murphy Movie “48 Hrs” is Getting a Remake

In the late 1980s, Eddie Murphy was really hitting his stride in the comedy world. With some very successful standup specials and some blockbuster films under his belt, he seemed like he was in just about every movie that Hollywood was putting out. So where did audiences first get a chance to really see Murphy in a comedy role? That would be his portrayal of recently paroled Reggie Hammond who is reluctantly forced into helping a cop to catch a serial killer.

This film, entitled 48 Hrs., stars both Murphy and Nick Nolte as the unlikely duo to help solve this case. The film itself was warmly received, and this was a time in Hollywood where people thoroughly enjoyed watching a lot of buddy cop films. Take the long list of Lethal Weapon films, for example. Perhaps one of the biggest acclaims for this movie was that it showcased the look of Eddie Murphy in a crime solving role. This would spawn his much larger successes in the hit film franchise of Beverly Hills Cop.

In more recent news, though, it was determined that the Paramount Players production company has just announced their intentions to reboot the film, starting from the very beginning. This remake would be another notch on the long list of remakes that Hollywood production companies have planned, ensuring the larger part of viewing audiences that they have indeed run out of completely original ideas. While the reboot won’t feature Murphy or Nolte in major roles, according to reports, it cannot be completely ruled out that either one would make a cameo appearance in the upcoming filming.

What a lot of people cannot seem to understand is why this movie, of all the movies well deserving of a remake, is the one being selected. In the grand scheme of things, the movie was only moderately successful, nothing compared to the overwhelming successes of some of the other buddy cop films or movies that Murphy has been in that could use a reboot. The original 1982 release took 8 years to get a sequel, and this second part to the short franchise was very poorly received by audiences that saw it.

Largely, buddy cop films are pretty cut and dry. The plots are usually very similar in nature, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the film. There is always an unlikely pair, whether they are both initially cops or not, and then by the end of the film they are saving each other from impending doom and realize they have more in common with each other than they previously thought. There is nothing deep or life altering about this niche of cinema, though you shouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the only film of its kind to get a reboot in the years to come.

There is no set projected release date for this new imagining of 48 Hrs. If you were a big fan of the first films, you will just have to check back every so often to see if there has been updated information about this new film getting underway.

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