Concept Images Arrive for Judge Dredd TV Show

Judge Dredd is the titular character of the comic books of the same name. In brief, the comic books are set in a future Earth that has seen serious international conflict, with the result that most of the population has become concentrated in a number of huge conurbations called mega-cities because much of the rest of the planet remains radioactive. Furthermore, order is maintained in the mega-cities by judges, who possess the power to convict, sentence, and execute criminals on the spot. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that Judge Dredd is often used as a means of satirizing modern politics, which is not that unusual for something of its dystopian nature. Regardless, its satirical nature is one of the main reasons that Judge Dredd has remained popular into the present, with the result that it has spawned more than one adaptation over the course of its existence.

What Is the Judge Dredd TV Show?

At the moment, there are people making a Judge Dredd TV show, which will be called Judge Dredd: Mega-City One. They have been making the TV show for some time, but in recent times, interested individuals have been excited by the released of concept art providing them with a more in-depth look at the setting in which the TV show will be set.

For example, one of the art pieces is called “Democracy March,” which shows the suspended streets of the conurbation packed full of people while the Statue of Liberty stands off in the horizon. As a result, it seems probable that the art piece is a reference to “America,” which was one of the Judge Dredd comic books’ better-known storylines. The storyline focused on a character called America who had become part of a terrorist cell because of the brutal suppression of the Democracy March, which was a massive protest calling for the restoration of democratic rule. Overall, “America” was well-received because it touched on a number of serious issues while managing to provide most of its characters with a fair amount of nuance, though it is interesting to note that it does not hesitate to show just how brutal Judge Dredd can be. Regardless, the other art piece called “Lowlife Arrival” could be a reference to another Judge Dredd storyline called “Low Life,” but the connection here is not as clear as in the previous case.

What Can Interested Individuals Expect From the Judge Dredd TV Show?

A fair amount of work has been put into Judge Dredd: Mega-City One, but it is still early in the development process, so much so that the lead character has not been cast at this point in time. Instead, the people behind the TV show are asking Karl Urban to reprise his role as the titular character from the Judge Dredd movie, which did not come out all that long ago. Something that should come as welcome news to fans of what they saw on the movie screen. With that said, the even more interesting piece of news might be the promise of multiple storylines focused on multiple characters, which could provide fans with a more in-depth look at the setting than otherwise possible. Summed up, interested individuals should make sure to continue paying attention for further news.

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