The Fascinating Delayed Sound Of Water Being Poured Down A 50 Meter Well

One interesting fact for you to consider when watching this video is that the speed of gravity is the same as the speed of light – 3,540,855,801,120 per second (that’s roughly 3.5 billion). The speed of sound is 1125 feet per second, so there is a clear difference between what you see, what you hear, and what is actually happening. In the video, the depth of the well is said to be 50 meters, which is a bit more than 164 feet. Just to give you a point of reference, here is a popular tourist attraction that is 167 feet high.

Some people wonder why this video went viral. The answer is simple. Most people who are able to watch YouTube live in first world countries and overlook the natural realities of the world. Water comes out of a faucet or spigot almost instantly. Think about what your world would be like if you had to wait this amount of time to get a glass of water to drink. It would bring a new dimension to plumbing problems.

But its real value lies in the fact that there are at least a half a dozen science lessons in the video. Realizing that STEM programs are not the most popular choice for high school and college students in the United States (a lot of people have math-a-phobia) this is an easy visual lesson that should get many people thinking about science beyond the technical aspects of their smartphone.

Check out the Niagara Falls video if you already haven’t. There really is no difference between the two videos except that in one case you can see the water falling and the sound you hear of water falling from Niagara Falls is almost instantaneous. You have heard of optical illusions? This is an optical illusion. The distance the water has to fall in both cases is almost exactly the same. The video makes a case for needing more optical illusions.

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