Five Fascinating Truths about Black Lightning

Black Lightning is a DC superhero that’s just recently been brought to the CW as a new addition and possibly to muster more support for the DCEU as it’s been kind of on the ropes in terms of just how popular it’s been compared to the MCU as of late. A few truths about Black Lightning that have surfaced along with the character serve to give a better idea as to who he is and what he believes in, as well as what he stands for. He can’t be called the first black superhero since that title went to the Black Panther in 1966, but he’s just as important in many ways.

Here are a few other things about the hero you might not have known.

5. He’s DC’s first black superhero.

He debuted in 1977, about eleven years after the Black Panther came out. This could have been DC’s answer to Marvel but whether it was or not it began the diversification process that would eventually create a much broader swath of heroes and villains within the DC universe. At one point his kids would join him in crime-fighting and so would another young black hero that had powers similar to his own.

4. Originally he didn’t have any superpowers.

Originally it was decided that Black Lightning would make use of various tools and devices that would grant him the powers he used, but he wouldn’t have any supernatural abilities of his own. However saner heads prevailed and decided that in order to be on par with the other heroes and villains in the comics he would need to be reliant upon something other than just gadgets. Just because Batman gets away with it doesn’t mean everyone can.

3. His comic book was cancelled after 11 issues.

His wasn’t the only one and it seems that a lot of comics got cancelled due to restructuring in the DC universe. He would eventually come back and be part of the comics again but it would be in a lesser capacity at times. For a while he wasn’t the most popular character but he still had enough fans that wanted to see his return.

2. He was portrayed by Sinbad on SNL.

You know that SNL will jump on just about anything if they figure that they can make a parody of it, and the death of Superman was no surprise. The cast dressed up as superheroes to mourn the passing of their super friend and Sinbad dressed up as Black Lightning. He wasn’t that well known at this time however and as a result his costume wasn’t really up to par. It was still funny though.

1. He turned down a chance to join the Justice League

You wouldn’t think that any hero that was given a chance at the Justice League would say no, but Black Lightning did. Eventually he did join but he would be an on an off member as the years went by it seems like.

This could be an interesting show to watch, and one that might have been a long time coming.

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