Five Inexplicable Things That Happened on Curse of Oak Island

Oak Island is such a unique place that they make a television show about the treasure hunt going on there, entitled The Curse of Oak Island. The very name of this show makes a lot of people wonder if there really is a curse. More importantly, there has been a lot of talk about paranormal activity in the region. This makes people start to wonder if there’s really something paranormal going on or if people have just gotten this idea in their heads because of the reports of a curse until their imagination takes over. If you tend to be one of those people who thinks it’s all in the heads of those who spend their time there, you might want to think about the five instances below that are tough to explain, no matter how big of a skeptic you might be.

1. Dave Blankenship and the ball of fire

There’s no doubt that Blankenship is one of the stars of the show. According to him, he witnessed what looks like a ball of fire floating above the ocean with his own eyes. Furthermore, he didn’t just see it only to have it disappear. Instead, he stood there and stared at it for quite some time. He reports that it floated there motionless for a while, then took off at a rate of speed that was beyond comprehension. As it turns out, he’s not the only one to see this particular phenomenon. So many people have seen something similar in the same location that there have even been reports of potential UFO sightings in the area. When it’s all said and done, nobody really knows what to make of these sightings but for people like Blankenship, there is no question that something out of the ordinary is going on here.

2. A black mass

This is one of the more frightening things that has been routinely reported on Oak Island. Many individuals there, including stars of the show and those who operate the cameras, have reported seeing an exceptionally large black mass that seems to appear out of nowhere. It also has a habit of dissipating just as quickly as it appears and no one can explain what it is or why it happens. Obviously, anyone that’s ever had a paranormal experience is weary of a black mass. After all, it doesn’t exactly elicit warm and fuzzy feelings to begin with.

3. An intense feeling of a presence

One of the stars of the show has reported feeling such an intense feeling of a presence that he literally jumped in his truck and drove away in fear. Skeptics will probably have a field day with this one, as you can’t report that you’ve actually seen or heard anything, or even that something or someone actually touched you. With that being said, anyone that’s ever felt this intense presence will readily tell you that it’s not the type of thing that merely shows up in your imagination. It’s as if something is not only staring at you, but bearing down on you in such a way that you are absolutely convinced that if you were to turn around someone would be right behind you. That experience, coupled with everything else that goes on in the area, only lends credence to the idea that there is something paranormal going on here.

4. Electronic Voice Phenomena

Electronic voice phenomenon is more routinely referred to as EVP. If you’ve ever watched any television show about the paranormal, you know what this is. People take some type of voice recorder, such as a digital recorder, and see if they can capture any disembodied voices that can’t necessarily be heard in real time. If you’re a skeptic, you might think that this sounds rather odd but if you refer to the link above and listen to the EVP that was captured on Oak Island, it just might change your mind. While people can be skeptical about the existence of the paranormal all day long, no one can dispute the fact that there have been bonafide EVP recordings that cannot be explained.

5. The psychic and the red-eyed dog

Another unsettling image that a lot of people on Oak Island have seen is a dog that appears to have red eyes. Like many of the other images that might potentially be paranormal, it seems to appear and disappear without any warning. This is a frightening enough aspect but if you click on the link above, you can hear a psychic talk about this and other things that have reportedly happened there. She also provides a potential explanation for it all. According to her, it all has to do with the way the earth’s magnetic field works in the area. Apparently, it makes it easier for people that aren’t necessarily sensitive to the paranormal experience it much more readily. She also says that it could potentially make it easier for paranormal entities to materialize, thus creating a perfect storm where a lot of weird stuff happens virtually all the time.

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