The Five Most Powerful Female Characters in Dragonball Z

Dragon Ball hasn’t been known to really focus on female fighters in the past but there have been some as the series has gone on that have emerged and become formidable opponents. While a lot of them aren’t nearly as powerful as the men there seem to be a few of them that can step up to the challenge and present a rather fierce appearance and match several of the fighters for sheer power when they need to. Unless one is a dedicated fan of Dragon Ball however some of these might have been missed and some might have never have been realized with the intent of sticking to the main characters that were there first. Like it or not though there are women in Dragon Ball that can truly wow a person with their power levels and possibly tear the roof off when they really want to.

Here are the top five that have been ranked as the most powerful.

5. Zangya

There’s no doubt that Zangya is a formidable opponent since she was taking on Future Trunks and handling herself quite well. She defeated Krillin with ease and was even taking Gohan down until he took on his most powerful form. At that point she backed away, making it obvious that she could handle the fighters up to a certain point but couldn’t proceed past that. While this means that she can take down some of the best in the group she still can’t quite break through that threshold to take on the saiyans when they hit power level 2. This limit is what keeps her from advancing up the ranks and yet still manages to keep her right where she is.

4. Arale

For such an unassuming-looking character Arale is actually supercharged and more than capable of taking down some of the most capable fighters on the show. In fact she handled Vegeta quite easily, which is something that’s not easy for anyone to do. She even managed to back Goku off when it was revealed that after battling him in his blue form that her next attack would be 100 times stronger. Goku fully admitted that he couldn’t block it, which means that this puts Arale on a level that’s nothing short of impressive, especially since Beerus did step in and stop things from escalating. There’s no real way to tel however if she would have been able to defeat Beerus just as easily.

3. The Female Super Saiyan

The fact that there is record of this woman and yet no name is kind of odd, but given that she’s the first of her kind that has been seen in the show one would have to assume that she might be on the same level as Goku, which would make her immensely powerful and move her up the ranks without pause. Plus if Dragon Ball takes into account the differences between men and women, regardless of race, it might seem that a female saiyan could actually have an edge on the men simply because it could be that she would think first before just attacking and therefore gain an edge on her opponent.

2. Helles

This woman is a god of this universe so her power levels should be understandably out of control. Take a god from any other universe and their powers should be absolute in many ways when compared to anyone else. A god typically has a baseline that is unfathomable to a mortal being, and depending on whether or not saiyans are even close to godhood it might still be that they’re like children to a deity. The usual litany about gods is that they view anyone beneath their station as children, weak, or supplicants that need to worship them because they are in fact divine. However it gets played out one thing is for certain, Helles is bound to be super powerful since as a deity that’s usually just how things work.

1. Vados

This is kind of a twist since in many universes, including our own, it would likely go gods, angels, saiyans, and then everyone else. But in this universe it seems that angels are more powerful than gods, and are definitely more powerful than saiyans. It seems to all depend on how powerful and evolved a saiyan becomes when determining who they can defeat and how high their power level will go. But anything divine and all-powerful should have an immediate edge since they not only have the benefit of experience, wisdom, and battle prowess from having lived so long, they also have the raw power that makes them who they are.

It’d be interesting to see the most powerful men and women in Dragon Ball step onto the same field and do battle to determine their superiority, but it would also have to be for a good reason to make fans happy.

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