Five Reasons We’ll be Watching “Everything Sucks!”

Everything Sucks! is a coming of age series that takes us back to the mid-90’s when the world was changing and the views about certain cultural norms were as well. If any of you remember what those days were like, and there should be plenty of us, then you might recall that growing up in the 90’s wasn’t terrible but it certainly wasn’t easy at all times. We might not have had the struggles that those in the 60’s or even 70’s did, but we certainly had our own share of hardships that involved just getting through every waking day.

The 90’s wasn’t the calmest decade on record but it was one of the most interesting.

5. It gives a good accounting of what growing up in the 90’s was like.

From the fashions to the expectations of simply going to school and getting through the day kids in the 90’s didn’t know which foot to land on half of the time. One thing was certain though, they knew absolutely everything, or at least in their minds they did. Just like all kids they believes that they had a good handle on what was going on and had their fingers on the pulse of society because, well, don’t all kids?

4. It reminds a lot of us what it was like to be a kid.

It could be great one day and uncertain the next. You could fall in love with someone you met at school and then learn that they think you’re the lowest form of life on earth. Being a kid in the 90’s wasn’t easy on an emotional level since things tended to change constantly. It was interesting to say the least since the 90’s was a time of great advancement in many different ways. This mean that as a kid you were expected to change with them without question.

3. It shows the struggle of being a single parent.

Single parenting is not a new thing but it really started becoming something of an epidemic in the last few decades that was hard for people to deal with. Parents were either tight with their children or were unsure of how to relate to them. There wasn’t a lot of middle ground and there still isn’t since being a single parent is something that tasks the kids just as much as the parent at times.

2. It shows the importance of relationships.

Interracial relationships isn’t a new thing to society either but throughout the last couple of decades the acceptance of such a thing has been growing rapidly. In the 90’s I can still recall that a lot of people had a serious issue with it. I never understood why since if two people care about each other that should be all that matters. This looks like it taps into that as well.

1. It reminds us how lucky we are to not have dial up service any longer. 

How many kids today take for granted the fact that they no longer have to hang up the phone or listen to the insane, cartoonish sounds that accompanied logging onto the internet? I’m willing to bet that if dial up came back there would be no end to the complaints.

This looks like it could be an interesting show.

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