Five Things You Didn’t Know about CMT Docu-Series “Music City”

Music City is a new docu-series that is coming to CMT and is considered a sister show to the popular Nashville that has been one of the shining stars of the network for a little while now. It’s hard not to be skeptical of a new reality show but after so many have aired throughout the years one more seems like it’s just another way for people to get noticed in the most ridiculous way possible. I could be and hope I am wrong since this show will focus on several individuals that were either born and bred in Nashville or have made their way across the country to see if they have what it takes to make their way into the music business and become the stars they want to be.

It’s not all that original really, but if done right it could be entertaining.

5. It’s a reality show.

If you didn’t know that already then you know it now. It is called a sister show to Nashville but that only means that it has something to do with the place and the process of getting famous. The pressures that these people will be facing will be immense since the road to becoming famous isn’t even the hardest part supposedly. It’s keeping the fame you want once you get it. Being noticed is the hardest part to start with it seems like, but after that things seem to go a little quicker until people discover something else.

4. It premiers in March.

There seem to be a lot of new shows coming out in the next few months like usual, and a lot of them are either flying under the radar of many people or just aren’t getting enough attention as of yet. Music City is getting a good deal of attention thanks to its TV spots and the fact that it’s being attached in its own way to Nashville, which has become one of the more popular CMT shows since it started up.

3. The cast comes from a variety of places.

So far the cast list states where the individuals were originally from and where they came from for the show. California seems to be the big draw at this point as far as where folks are coming from, but there’s one person coming from Arkansas and two that were born and bred in Nashville. The different cultures coming together should prove interesting to watch at the very least.

2. Two of the cast are husband and wife.

Rachyl and Kerry are husband and wife and they have moved to Nashville to support Kerry’s interest in getting his musical career underway. They have a son as well and Rachyl is planning on going to law school at some point. How their relationship and family is going to hold up seems to be a thing of interest thus far.

1. It will likely be scripted. 

I understand that many articles and even the ads might say it’s unscripted but I can almost guarantee this isn’t true. The Real World wasn’t scripted supposedly, neither were a dozen other reality shows that have aired throughout the years. It’ll be working off a limited script at the very least if nothing else, because otherwise the show would be kind of blah.

If this is your thing then you should tune in come March.

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