Five Things You Didn’t Know about “Killing Fields”

Killing Fields is a true crime series that is broadcast on the Discovery Channel. Each episode sees the series following crime investigators making an effort to solve cold cases, starting with what happened to Eugenie Boisfontaine in the state of Louisiana in 1997. Currently, Killing Fields is on its third season, which has started up in January of 2018.

Here are five things that you may or may not have known about Killing Fields:

First True Crime Series Developed By Discovery

This can come as a surprise considering the sheer range of subject matters that have been covered by its TV shows, but Killing Fields is the first true crime series to have been developed by Discovery. With that said, Discovery has managed to bring much of its expertise and experience from making other series over to making Killing Fields, thus resulting in something of interest to the viewers. For proof, look no further than the fact that the series is now on its third season.

The Showmakers Provided a Fair Amount of Support to the Investigators

Some of the people who have starred on Killing Fields have spoken out to offer praise for the support that Discovery has provided them. For example, the head of the Criminal Investigation Division at the Sheriff’s Office in Iberville Parish has commented on the financial support for DNA testing and other important procedures. Furthermore, he commented on how the success of the series has encouraged people to come forward to offer information about the cold cases. Finally, he even complimented the Discovery crew for being willing to stop filming when the crime investigators needed a break from the whole thing.

First Case Was Eugenie Boisfontaine

The first case featured on Killing Fields was that of Eugenie Boisfontaine, who went missing in Iberville Parish in 1997. Two months later, she was found in a ditch with her head having been subjected to blunt force trauma. The marketing for Killing Fields focused much on whether the murder was a singular incident or whether it was the result of serial killers, a number of whom are known to have resided in Baton Rouge at around that period of time.

Second Case Was Curtis Smith

Starting in the second season of Killing Fields, the crime investigators in Iberville Parish started looking into a second cold case as well. This time, the cold case was that of Curtis Smith, who had been killed, stuffed into a drum, and then dumped into the wilderness. In this case, the crime investigators managed to find enough evidence to arrest a suspect named Tommy Franchise, who they believe was responsible for another murder as well.

Third Case Is Carrie Singer

The third season will be changing focus to the Isle of Wight County in the state of Virginia, where a new team of crime investigators will be looking into the murder of Carrie Singer in 2004. Once again, the team will be featuring a team-up between an older, experienced investigator who was involved with the initial investigation and a younger counterpart who will provide a fresh perspective on the investigation, meaning that interested individuals should be able to expect a similar experience from watching Season 3 of Killing Fields.

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