Five Things You Didn’t Know about Ridley Scott TV Series “The Terror”

Well, Ridley Scott is at again, and from the critics are saying, he has hit another home run with his latest television series, “The Terror.” The show is set in the 1840s and it floats the story of two ships that belong to the Royal Navy that are forced to navigate the treacherous and unforgiving waters of the Arctic. If surviving the conditions of the Arctic is not enough, both ships are being hunted by an unknown and unseen terror during the night. Just in case you have not had a chance to look into this new series, we decided to share a few facts about the story and its characters to get you up to speed. Here are five facts you most likely are unaware of that will help you become more acquainted with the storyline.

1. The Series is Based on a True Story

I don’t know about you, but I keep telling my wife that I absolutely love the Carribean, but I prefer to fly there, but she is insistent on getting me to take a cruise. There is a mystique to the seas that I have no desire to investigate on my own. This story further illuminates this truth of mine. Based on true story, The Terror chronicles the story of two Royal Navy ships in the mid-1800s that set out to discover uncharted territory in the north, only to encounter forces they are not prepared to face.

2. The Series is an Adaptation of a Dn Simmons Novel

Not every novel is designed to be adapted to television or the big screen, but the work that Dan Simmons did in chronicling the voyages of the HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror during 1845-1848 sets the perfect stage to pass the baton to a masterful storyteller like Scott. While the story being presented is fictionalized, the elements that examine the life of the crew and what they experienced is beyond intriguing. The transition from the pages of a novel to the small screen is seamless.

3. It Teases Your Emotions and Your Imagination

Scott has the uncanny ability to get viewers to relate to his characters, ensuring that they will become emotionally involved with the storyline. It is if you are pulling for people you know as their pain, worries, and dwindling hope becomes your own. Additionally, the story is presented in a manner that allows you to use your own imagination in anticipation of what will happen next, subsequently adding to the terror and suspense of the series.

4. A Star-Laden Cast

Another thing that Ridley Scott is exceptional at is to bring some of the biggest names together to share space. Big-name celebrities don’t like sharing the spotlight. There is something unappealing to them about being a co-star as opposed to being the star; however, Scott has a way of making everybody shine so that nobody feels best by the time the shooting is done. Some of the names in this series include Tobias Menzies, Jared Harris, Nive Nielson, Ciaran Hinds and more.

5. It is Also Very Inspirational

The depth of the human spirit never ceases to amaze me. One never knows just how much they can stand until they are pushed to the brink of extinction. When the only option is to fight or perish, it is amazing how many choose to fight against the greatest of odds. Struggle has the ability to bring the best out of people, and there is no shortage of that happening here.

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