Five Things You Didn’t Know about “Truck Night in America”

Since the time the first truck rolled off the assembly line people have been doing what they can to trick them out and tease a greater amount of performance from them. Truck Night in America is a testament to the skill and know-how of those drivers that have learned or been taught how to get the most out of their vehicles and are able to tune them up and recondition them as needed in order to keep them on the highly demanding courses that are offered in this all or nothing contest.

It’s more than just getting muddy, it’s getting down and dirty and figuring out just how far their skills can take them.

5. The trucks are worked on and re-engineered for each round.

Since each round is a bit different the trucks have to be worked on in order to deal with the changing terrain and the new challenges that lie ahead. You wouldn’t want any kind of damage incurred in the previous round to interfere with the performance of the vehicle. You also wouldn’t want to go into a new challenge without the proper mods.

4. The last two contestants have to deal with the Green Hell.

The Green Hell is just about what it sounds like since it takes contestants through challenges that no sane truck driver would ever think about traversing such as snake-infested swamps, piles of cars that have to be climbed, and other strange and unusual challenges that aren’t for the faint of heart. This kind of challenge is meant for only the last remaining two drivers of the episode and is meant to weed out the weak from the strong.

3. Each truck is customized by the driver.

There are few if any vehicles in this show that come without mods that have seriously souped up their capabilities in order help them withstand the course. Each truck has been crafted and designed to the specifications of the driver in order to comply with their driving style and to give them a better feel of the course as they require. Don’t be looking for any stock models coming off the line in this show.

2. There are four professional coaches for the show.

The coaches are also individuals that have a lot to do with the construction of the course and will give their honest and forthright opinion of the vehicles being used and the driving skills of those that come to contend with the course. Don’t be looking for a lot of kind words because this is truck country, and there’s no room for much else save the honest and frank opinions of those that have been around the mudhole a few times.

1. There are five trucks that race each episode. 

Each episode will feature five contestants that will be racing to be the last one standing at the end. The challenges that are presented to each and every driver will make short work of those that aren’t ready and will test the mettle of those that are. One way or another there will be a victor.

Tune into the History channel if you want to see a rip-roaring, mud-slinging good time.

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