10 Things You Never Knew about Goldar from The Power Rangers

This is when you’d really need to be a fan of the Power Rangers to get into this kind of thing, but it could be that people want to know the origin of that big, golden thing in the movie all the same since it was pretty impressive and stood out as one of the best effects of the film. As you might have already guessed Goldar is Rita’s henchman, but he’s much more than that as he’s also a powerhouse in his own right and can do some serious damage. The only thing about that is, the show made him kind of a bumbling goofball. A lot of his role on the TV show was relegated to bumbling around most of the time and trying to impress Rita so that he could get one chance after another to defeat the Power Rangers. Of course most of the time his chances were wasted since the Rangers took him and anyone else down that came across their path.

But here are a few things about Goldar that you might not have known.

10. Goldar comes from Titan, Jupiter’s moon.

If you recall from the show, Zordon locked Rita and her bunch away for about 10,000 years after a furious battle that saw the end of Zordon and his group. Goldar however was not there, as his birthplace is Titan, which many people didn’t know anything about back when the show was so popular. It was convenient for the writers then to make this his home planet since no one could really dispute what the surface of the moon was like.

9. The actor playing him had to change the voice a bit.

It was the pitch and the tone together that threatened to damage the actor’s voice and as a result he had to play around with a few voices until he found a very low and grumbling one that was easier to attain and could be spoken on a constant basis without any harm to the actor’s voice.

8. There were three different Goldar costumes between the show and movie.

This was kind of progressive as the show went along. In the beginning the upper part of Goldar’s snout only achieved a sort of wrinkling motion that indicated he was talking. The second version was far more expressive as the whole mouth could move, while the third was even more expressive as the suit finally looked natural and had increased flexibility that allowed the actor to move naturally.

7. His wings are symbolic.

It’s implied that Rita took Goldar’s wings as a sign of his failure after his defeat at the hands of the Power Rangers. But when Zedd showed up and kicked Rita out of her seat of power he restored Goldar’s wings. So really whether he has his wings or not is entirely based on the moods of his masters.

6. Lord Zedd sent him to serve Rita.

Goldar is big, bad, and tough, but when it comes to bowing down to someone more powerful than he is there’s not a lot of question that he’s more of a yes-man. He was assigned to Rita by Zedd but never really liked Rita in the first place. So when Zedd returns and kicks Rita to the curb Goldar is right there to serve his true master and tell Rita to “get over it”.

5. He became more amusing as the show went on.

You might figure that someone so big and bad would be far more scary and less likely to make a person laugh. But Goldar’s fumbling manner and failures throughout the show simply made him a character of mockery that wasn’t taken seriously at all. But keep in mind that this is a kid’s show, so quite honestly the bad guys have to be bumbling if they’re subordinates, it simply makes for a better show.

4. He has a vendetta against Jason and Tommy.

Throughout the series Goldar was the only monster that ever managed to take on the Rangers either one on one or all at the same time. He was a warrior in every way and managed to show it quite often, but when it came to Goldar vs. Tommy or Jason he would always get schooled. Since he fancied himself to be one of the best warriors in the galaxy this caused him to take out a vendetta against the two leaders of the Rangers.

3. He is made of gold in the newest movie.

In the newest Power Rangers film Goldar is literally made out of gold and is a towering giant that doesn’t speak and has no discernible facial features. He’s simply a golden golem that follows Rita’s every command and is insanely powerful as the Rangers find out.

2. He has his own zord.

Cyclopsis was quite honestly one of the only enemies to ever be able to take on the Megazord and the Dragonzord at the same time and remain standing at the end of the encounter. It took a colossal effort for the Rangers to take this zord down.

1. He tried to break up Zedd and Rita’s marriage.

As it’s been mentioned Goldar didn’t like Rita from the start and actively tried to break up Lord Zedd and Rita when they were about to get married. Unfortunately he found out that Zedd had fallen for Rita without the potion she had given him, thereby ruining Goldar’s day as the two tied the knot later on.

As one of the more powerful henchmen in Rita’s stable he was still one of the least respected. But he was tough, there’s no doubt about that.

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