Guy Slides Down 260-Foot Cable With No Harness

If you’re even slightly afraid of heights, you might want to watch this video with caution. It’s impressive enough for anyone to be able to be up 260 feet of anything, but we find this guy atop an extremely high tower. We see him sitting on a ledge initially, phone in front of him, as he gets ready to descend the tower through one piece of giant wire. It sounds insane just by saying that, but the best part is yet to come. This guy is doing it all with no harnesses whatsoever. In short, he’s freeclimbing it.

We see videos of people freeclimbing all the time, but there’s something about this video that just drives us wild. Maybe it’s the fact that he doesn’t really have any special gadgets or clothing apart from the specially designed gloves he put on before his descent. The gloves looks more like oven mittens, but we’re pretty sure they are a hundred times thicker made with special materials as well. He just has on regular pants and shoes, and apparently, none of that really matters. The guy descends the wire fairly rapidly. He starts to descend right around the video’s 40-second mark, and just a minute later, he’s cleared the wire already. Our math may be wrong, but that amounts to speeds of roughly 4 feet per second, give or take.

This daredevil, who is only known as “freesolo,” says that he’s been a climbing enthusiast since his early teens. At 42 years old, it’s become one of his passions alongside scaring his viewers half to death with his incredible yet terrifying videos. The climber came out of this stunt with no injuries and with a chuckle at the end of his descent. What a way to spend a couple of minutes. How have you spent your last two? Reading this article of course. Don’t try this stunt anywhere. Let’s all just leave it to the pros.

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