JCVD is Back With Amazon Series “Jean-Claude Van Johnson”

He’s back? I’m kind of under the impression that he should have found a different way to come back really, something that would stretch his acting talent the way he stretches while doing a full split. You know, something that looked cool in the 90’s and really impressed people. JCVD is apparently trying to mount a comeback and is coming back as what looks like a spy crossed with an actor crossed with, who knows.

The main point of the show seems to be that JCVD is coming back to act as a spy for someone that needs to figure out the secrets behind the machinations of someone else. While the trailer definitely makes it look more comedic the truth is that it looks like he’s off a step or two, at least while he’s onscreen. So how long has it been since he’s done that iconic kicking routine and the yelling bit? It’s been a while I think, since one of the last times I saw him in anything was in another Universal Soldier movie fighting against Scott Adkins. Surprisingly JCVD was the bad guy this time and Dolph Lundgren’s character, somehow back from the dead, again, was fighting on the same side. I did manage to see him in the Expendables 2, though his death scene was a little disappointing and his dialogue was anything but impressive.

Does anyone remember the days when JCVD had a very simple plot to follow and would eventually get the leg up on the bad guys? He’d get the crap kicked out of him eventually and even have to heal at times before getting back into the thick of it, but he always came out on top somehow. Back then he had one job, find the bad guys and beat them down. He as almost like a different version of Walker: Texas Ranger, only without the authority. The acting talent was about the same. Plus, he almost always got to hook up with a very beautiful woman, or at least gain the love and respect of the woman he was helping. See? The plots were always so simple and so well-planned out that they couldn’t miss.

This looks a little different. Maybe I’m not giving it a fair shake as of yet since it could be stretching those acting muscles that I was talking about. JCVD isn’t the world’s worst actor after all, he’s done some good. I’m seriously trying hard not to laugh after writing that however since while I know there are worse actors, he’s still got such a long way to go to be completely convincing. I know very well that he’s had roles that he’s done great in, but comedy is still a stretch for him. Maybe he’s matured with age and can pull this role off to spite his detractors. That would be a nice touch really.

I might just have to give this show a chance and watch a bit of it to see if its worth the effort.

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