What We Know about Jessica Jones Season 3 So Far

Jessica Jones has been one of the hottest Netflix and MCU shows since it aired in season 1 and it’s not stopping for a breath as season 2 has likely been binge-watched by just about every fan out there already. The only problem with that is that now people want to know what to expect for season 3 and the rumor mills have already started churning full bore. The inherent problem with THAT is the fact that while everyone has rushed to watch every episode they now have to stew in their own retrospective juices and will probably watch the first two seasons again in order to see if they missed anything.

Admit it, if you’re a fan you’ve probably already thought about this or done it.

5. Netflix isn’t going to rush to make an announcement about the next season.

It probably won’t take too long to hear about season three but it’s not going to be this week or next week. Netflix loves to make the fans suffer just a little bit for their pleasure, as it seems to heighten the intensity of their desire and increase the likelihood that they’ll come back. It works obviously since people flocked to Jessica Jones once season two came out.

4. There’s a lot to do before Jessica Jones comes back.

The other heroes are going to need to go through their season two premieres as well, and Daredevil will be looking for season three to start before Jones can come back. Things have to go in turns or the continuity kind of suffers since they’re all linked like it or not. They share the same universe so what happens in one part of the neighborhood is likely going to affect the rest of the city eventually.

3. Kilgrave could come back, in a sense.

Since we learned that he’s a part of her now there’s a good chance that Kilgrave will make another appearance in season three since he’s already told Jessica that he’ll be there when she needs him. It might only be for a short time if he comes back at all but it could be an interesting development if Kilgrave does happen to make an appearance in season three.

2. Trish should gain a lot more prominence.

Trish kind of took a path that might lead to a lot of trouble or a lot of friction later on but one thing is very certain, she’ll likely have a bigger role in season three. Now that she’s displaying powers that she doesn’t know what to do with yet it could change the dynamic between her and Jessica in a way that might be kind of interesting to watch.

1. Fans are ready for the next season. 

Okay so this is kind of a gimmee. Fans are always chomping at the bit for new episodes once they’ve watched the entire season in the span of a day or two, and the worst part is they won’t change. It’ll take a string of movies or series that they need at least a week to watch to calm them down. Some of them might even salivate at the thought.

It’s a bit creepy but it’s not entirely inaccurate.

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