The Top Five “Life Below Zero” Seasons Ranked

There have been many TV series that show us different aspects of remote living. However, none of those shows are like Life Below Zero, the documentary that follows the people who subsist in one of the harshest conditions on Earth. When the show started in 2013, we were given a glimpse into the impossible lives of these people, and we immediately wondered why they did it. Why did they live life out there in such difficult conditions? We’ve gotten our answers in the 9 seasons the show has been around, and they’re all mostly the same: it’s because of the beauty of the land and all it has to offer. Here are the five best seasons from this show that show just what kind of beauty these survivors talk about.

Life Below Zero Season 1

We put this season up on top because this was the season that introduced us to that kind of life. It was something that most of us have never even imagined before, and the fact that National Geographic was making a show about it was more than impressive. What impressed us more were the people that were featured in the documentary: Agnes, Sue, Chip, Andy, Glenn, Kate, and Erik.

Life Below Zero Season 2

The season that followed the premiere of the show followed the same people after they survived the harshest winter. It was interesting to see how different their lives were during the spring, but we also realized that life had another set of challenges for them. This was the season when we learned that it was difficult to live that life whether it was winter or not.

Life Below Zero Season 4

This was summer in Alaska, and all throughout the season, it was all about preparations for winter. There are no summer breaks over there as we realized, and even summer poses a whole new host of threats such as predators and such. We saw Sue trying to maintain her camp, while the rest of the gang just try to get their lives ready for the coming winter. They hunt and they survive, and by the end of the season, they watch the animals slowly retreat from the tundra where they live.

Life Below Zero Season 7

In this season, we see the beginning of winter yet again loom above the people that live in Alaska’s most remote areas. It was all about hunting and getting ready for what’s to come. The food has to be stockpiled, and unwanted visitors came to take advantage of what the people had. Everything was already frozen at this point, even when it wasn’t even winter yet.

Life Below Zero Season 8

This season marked the end of the thaw and the closing of the sunlight that will be gone for a few months. It’s an interesting take on how life would be like if you had to fight every day to survive. The Alaskan families that brave this kind of living showed in season 8 how much it really took to be prepared for the long darkness that’s coming ahead.

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