If You Like “Game of Thrones” Check out These Netflix Shows

It’s been a while now since the last season of Game of Thrones ended and it’s still going to be another while before the next and final season begins. So it’s easy to imagine that people need their fix, but there are at least a few Netflix shows that should be able to grant that if people are willing to look around. There are plenty of movies and shows that offer a lot of action, drama, and even sexual content that might be above and beyond. But at least on Netflix you can get all of it for a fairly low price every month.

It’s a treasure trove for those that need a good blood, mayhem, and murder fix.

5. The Last Kingdom

This story takes place before the kingdoms of England have even been united, around the 9th century when they’re still a loosely allied bunch that are being attacked by the vikings and being thrown into disarray. It’s interesting to note how the story changes when it’s told from either side, how it vilifies one group and makes another out to be the protagonists. If only Vikings was on Netflix then you’d have a chance to see both sides.

4. Frontier

This should settle some people down since it features Jason Momoa acting once again like a violent leader that figures the best way to disrupt the Hudson’s Bay Company is lots and lots of gratuitous violence. He’s the best person for this since after all he did play the murderous Khal Drogo, a guy that would kill his own people for daring to stand against him. The first season is pretty good, and the second is available now on Netflix.

3. The Tudors

While it does delve into fiction quite a bit concerning Henry VIII and his rather nasty habit of killing his wives, the story is still one that might interest people for the dramatic mayhem that ensues. But really this one would be best to watch for the issues that are constantly being raised among the royals and the love scenes that are, well, hot and steamy quite like GoT is known to be.

2. Borgia

Borgia is about the rise of the Borgia family during the Renaissance and is loosely based around the history it’s about. Like The Tudors however it’s centered mainly on the issues surrounding the royal court and the steamy passions that go on throughout the show. But if people are getting hot and bothered about the love scenes in Game of Thrones then it’s safe to say that they weren’t into the show that much in the first place.

1. Norsemen

Out of all the choices this is probably the easiest to watch since it’s a comedy centered around vikings and set in the late 700’s. Any show that’s about vikings and is given an ounce of humor is bound to be something that’s either very dark and kind of odd in a way is also a show that could be worth the effort.

We know, Game of Thrones will be back eventually. Shhh, it’s okay.

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