Admit it Fans, You Still Want There to Be a “Louie” Season 6

Any of those fans that are still supportive of Louis C.K. are bound be waiting a while for season 6 if they really want to see it. Despite the sexual misconduct charges that came not too long ago this wouldn’t really be the reason that the show might not happen, at least not the way that people think. It might be a reason why some people would gladly change the channel if it ever did happen, but it wouldn’t be the whole reason. Throughout five seasons of the show Louis has gone on to say pretty much anything he wants and do what he wants in the show. There hasn’t been a lot left behind and almost nothing has been held back that could be allowed.

But therein lies the problem, there’s not much else to go off that could lead the show in the direction that it needs to go in order to stay fresh and engaging for the fans. Those fans that were no doubt devastated to hear the news of the misconduct will be the ones pushing for the show to return, but those that still enjoyed the show and turned their backs might still be able to admit that they’re interested in bringing it back just to see if they can watch him without wanting to break the TV.

While the redheaded comedian has lost a good number of fans there are still those that have to admit that having another season of the show pop up would be something that they’d be willing to watch.

It wouldn’t be the same show.

Louis has already admitted that if he did manage to work up the nerve to do another season that the show would be going in another direction. For a while it seems as though he might have entertained coming back and doing another season of the same show, but at this point the program would have to change quite a bit. This change would have a lot to do with the kind of man that Louis now sees himself as and would reflect that personal change since the way a person feels tends to influence how they will act onscreen. Louis has been through quite a bit in the past few years and his personal progression is leaving him thinking that he’d be better served to not do the show at all, but if he had to then there would have to be changes that would create a different feel and look for the show. It almost sounds as though the show would be a little darker and more foreboding rather than the light-hearted comedy it’s been in the past.

Louis has had to take a long look at his life and the things he’s done and said.

This goes a little further with the personal progression since thanks to the misconduct he had to step back and take a look at what he was doing and come to fully understand just what he’d done in terms of sexually harassing five women. He’s even described it as having power over them in a way that he didn’t appreciate or understand. Since then he’s been doing a lot of thinking and wondering just how he can get himself back on track. The effect on his comedy however is profound since now he feels the need to watch what he says constantly so he won’t offend anyone else. The media has no doubt made a bigger issue of his sexual misconduct, but the mere fact that it happened is enough to make a person think long and hard about their life and what they’ve done. Louis has been doing just that since the accusations came to light and has been working to change his life around.

He’s been pretty busy really, so time is a factor in the decision of creating another season.

He’s helped to co-create a couple of shows and also has a web series that he’s working on, so it’s not as though he’s sitting idly by and just waiting for a chance to do something or for a fan to write in and tell him what they want. Louis is keeping himself integrated into the business and doing what he can to stay relevant while sticking behind the scenes a lot more. It might be a boon since the whole scandal is still something that people talk about as it continues to die down just a little more each day. Of course if someone decides to mention it in a negative manner, as it happens way too often, then chances are that Louis will continue to stay behind the camera and not risk inciting another round of scathing abuse like that which came when it was discovered that he’d been guilty of misconduct as well.

It’s difficult to say it’s all in the past at this time due to what happened, but perhaps creating a season 6 would be a way to start moving ahead and putting the recent past behind.

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