Mad Men 3.1 “Out of Town”

madmen2Previously on Mad Men: Betty kicked Don’s cheating ass out, Roger left his wife for Don’s secretary Jane (who’s 20), Joan was engaged to a Dr. who raped her on the floor of Don’s office, Duck orchestrated the sale of Sterling Cooper in an effort to get the better of Don Draper but was the one who was slapped when he found out Don didn’t have contract and therefore no non-compete clause, Peggy annihilated Pete when she confessed she had his baby and gave it away, and speaking of babies, Betty let Don back in the house after finding out she was pregnant and receiving a touching letter from him.

Don Draper smokes while warming some milk in a pan on the stove as the ghosts of Dick Whitman’s past visit him one by one. First we see his adopted mother, exhausted on a bed that’s suddenly appeared in the kitchen. At her side is a midwife, who consoles her after yet another stillbirth. Don(Dick’s) father is unsympathetic, but the midwife gets right back in his face, berating him that maybe his wife wouldn’t have such a hard time of it if he would stay off her once in awhile. The ghosts of beginnings past part two shows us Don(Dick’s) father taking the midwife’s advice to heart by visiting a whore. He offers her the princely sum of $0.85. She tells him he needs a sheath (condom), and he says he doesn’t have one, and furthermore, if he has to buy one, then that’s only $0.65 for her. Wanting to be rid of him, she agrees, but threatens if he gets her in trouble, she’s going to cut his dick off and boil it in hog fat. Flash forward, and there’s Don(Dick’s) birth mom, the whore, in the throes of dying after giving birth to him. Her dying words? “I’m gonna cut his dick off and boil it in hog fat.” The milk boils over on the stove. Don attends to it just as there’s a knock at the door. He look down the hall and sees his adopted mother coming with an oil lamp to open it. Outside is the midwife, who tells her, “I told you God would give you a child.” When asked who’s it is, the midwife replies, “Is your husband home?” Adopted mom immediately gets the drift. “His name is Dick, after a wish his mother should have lived to see.” Don delicately removes the skin of milk that’s formed in the pan while looking lost in the past.

Turns out the milk is for Betty, who’s having trouble sleeping, what with being eight months pregnant at all. Betty packed his valise for his trip tomorrow, at which point little Sally Draper attacked the clasp with a hammer. “She’s taking to your tools like a little lesbian,” Betty quips, causing Don to smile and Betty to give a little laugh, pleased at her own audacity. Don tells her she should rest, to which Betty replies she just wants everything to be perfect for the birth of their next child, which she’s convinced is a girl. I don’t know Betty, somehow I think perfection is an unattainable goal. Don tries sweetly to lull her to sleep with some beach imagary. “You’re good at this,” Betty murmurs. We know, Betty.


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