Maisie Williams Described What it Was Like to Find Out How ‘Game of Thrones’ Ends

The manner in which Maisie Williams describes how Game of Thrones ends gives people a lot of hope that they’ll be able to be satisfied at the end, but not completely at least. The expression on her face could be something that for her would be a perfect end, but for another person could be something that leaves them feeling rather dissatisfied. There’s no way to tell until we watch it, which sadly won’t be until next year, as so many articles, including this one, keep reiterating. It’s tough isn’t it? The rumor mills are going full force and will continue to do so throughout the rest of the year and up until and even during the final episodes. You know people will be foaming at the mouth in an effort to predict just what’s going to happen and why.

It’s amazing to hear that Maisie gave the script to her mother, but perhaps her mum is the kind of person that won’t be releasing any secrets to the public and can be trusted with such a secretive scrip. There are a lot of people that shouldn’t be given the script in such a manner but there are still those that know how to keep a secret. It could be that her mum is a person that doesn’t even follow the show and wouldn’t be able to tell anyone in full description anyway. But then again it’s hard to imagine her not watching the show when her daughter is starring.

At this point it sounds like there is still a lot of work to be done on the show since each episode, however many there will be, is supposedly going to be the length of a feature film. That’s a treat in the making for GoT fans since many of us can’t get enough of the show and have likely watched it repeatedly trying to sort out each and every plot point and hidden Easter egg along the way. By now it’s very likely that the hardcore fans are going to have drawn up an entire mazework of theories from the last seven seasons that will explain in great detail what’s going to happen and why. They’ll be guesses of course, best guesses that many fans will feel strongly about one way or another, but there’s usually a small percentage of those that turn out to be true or at least close enough to the truth to be considered on the mark. Thankfully Maisie didn’t give out too much but some might feel that she gave out plenty.

You know those folks that will allude to the manner in which she described one thing or another when speaking of the show, they’ll take random body language and apply it to the words she was speaking at the time and extrapolate whatever they deem as important in an attempt to divine just what’s going to happen when GoT returns. All I can say is that I do hope that Arya manages to make it to the end.

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