“Nailed It” is a New Netflix Show Strictly Dedicated to Cake Fails

It’s not often that you see a show dedicated to cake fails but Nailed It is going to be something special coming to Netflix. Usually on such shows if someone doesn’t nail the look they’re going for on a meal or on a treat they’re super-bummed out and tend to get worried that they’re going to be sent home, but this show seems to be celebrating the fact that some people just don’t have a lot of talent for creating truly beautiful cakes. It makes a person think about just what else is going to be shown on the program along with the clip above.

If you’ve ever tried to make a themed cake from scratch then you know it’s not entirely easy unless you’re just that talented. Some people can make cakes as though they’ve been baking in a professional kitchen for years while some seem to have trouble just pouring the batter into the pan after mixing it. What looks so good in a magazine usually turns out looking more than a little disturbing when done by someone in their home kitchen. Some people slave over a cake for hours just to get it right while others mix it, bake it, and then plop the thing on a plate and frost it, hoping the cake will come out okay to pass muster.

Most baking shows demand perfection and will be absolutely picky about what they select as their winners and those that might need help but are good enough to stay. A show that’s about the worst case scenarios when it comes to cakes is probably going to be a laugh riot in some cases since it’s dedicated to those that really couldn’t make a princess cake if they had a schematic. The chances are good that there’s going to be a lot of hilarity on this show and that people are still going to be trying their best while no doubt failing and creating some sort of monstrosity that’s well below what’s desired but is still something that might get them noticed and possibly get them the win. The only thing is though, what would they win?

It’s one thing if they were offered baking lessons and a chance to learn from someone that knows how to make cakes and sculpt them into something wonderful. But it’s not even known at this point if these folks on the show are professional bakers or if they’re people that bake at home and somehow got selected for this show. The latter would make a lot more sense considering that the people are obviously not going to have a clue how to shape and form the artwork on their cakes that’s desired. Awarding them a cash prize for doing the worst job possible seems kind of odd really since every other show awards that kind of prize for excellence. You’ll have to watch the show to see what’s going on but it should be something uniquely fun and engaging to watch, and perhaps something to learn from.

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