Why You Need to See Stan Lee’s Animated Series “The Reflection”

Japan has an appetite for superhero fiction. For proof, look no further than the Super Sentai Series that have been running since the 1970s, which should be best-known to most people in the west as the source material for Power Rangers. Regardless, since Japanese consumers are interested in superheroes, it should come as no surprise to learn that there are Japanese superhero anime series that show up from time to time.

One upcoming example will be The Reflection. In brief, the series is named for an in-setting event that covered the world in smoke that killed numerous people but also provided some survivors with superpowers. Some of these super-powered survivors have become superheroes while others have become supervillains, but in the end, both have come to be called the Reflected.

Who Are the People Behind The Reflection?

One of the facts that makes The Reflection stand out is that it is being executive produced by Stan Lee, who can be considered one of the most famous names in the comic books industry. After all, he is the co-creator of some of Marvel Comics’s most famous characters, including but not limited to Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman, and the X-Men. Furthermore, as the one-time executive vice president of Marvel Comics, he can claim a fair share of the credit for turning the corporation from a single division of a publishing house to the multimedia titan that it has become in present times. Summed up, Stan Lee is a true legend for excellent reasons.

Of course, the Japanese side of the collaboration is bringing plenty of their own expertise and experience to the project as well. For example, Nagahama Hiroshi is being credited as being not just the co-creator but also the director for the anime, which is important because he has been responsible for some well-known names such as Detroit Metal City and The Flowers of Evil. However, his best-known work might be his role in Mushishi, a franchise centered around a man who specializes in handling primitive life-forms called mushi, which often exhibit what can seem like supernatural powers. So far, Mushishi has had two anime series, two anime specials, an animated movie, and a live-action movie, which speak volumes about the extent of its success.

Why Should You Watch The Reflection?

Summed up, people who are interested in superheroes should consider keeping an eye out for The Reflection, which is expected to premiere on July 22 in Japan. However, since Crunchyroll has the rights, it might interest some to learn that they can expect a near simultaneous broadcast in the west in the form of the subbed episode via streaming.

At this point in time, it is too soon to tell whether The Reflection will be worth watching or not. However, the people who are involved in the project make it clear that there was plenty of expertise and experience poured into the process, which should provide interested individuals with some measure of confidence in the results. Furthermore, new superhero settings are often much more willing to let narratives progress, which might prove interesting to those who have become fed-up with the pseudo-static nature of some superhero comics.


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