Ranking Every Season of Halt and Catch Fire

Halt and Catch Fire

Halt and Catch Fire” is a nostalgic series that began in 2014 and ran the finale to bring an end to the show that attracted a following of viewers who disagreed with the lack of enthusiasm it met in its debut. Ratings made continuation to the second season a high risk for the network, but fans were elated and the creative talents gave it all they had. The series evolved into nothing short of brilliance in the short time it ran. Not all seasons were equal and although you may have your own ideas of which season was the best, here are the ranking for each season of the show.

Halt and Catch Fire Season 1

Season one kicked off the series and set the tone for the 1980s era setting with Joe and his team going up against IBM. The location is the Silicon Prairie of Texas which carries its own charm. It set the stage by establishing the characters and the basic plot, but it was a bit lackluster for what would come in the seasons to follow. We’d place season one in the fourth position.

Halt and Catch Fire Season 2

The second season made a shift. Joe MacMillan kicked it in gear and as the character became more developed, fans got to see how complicated he truly was. Each episode brought us back to the 1980s in a sweet nostalgia laced with humor. It was a brilliant move to turn the lens on Cameron and Donna running their internet gaming firm. There was humor along with sad moments, and these elements made season 3 among the best in the series

Halt and Catch Fire Season 3

What made the third season so exciting was the move from Texas and a new environment. Donna and Cameron are busy launching their mutiny. Gordon is having issues finding his place and getting his footing and steady Joe is all about the business of building an empire. There were some tense moments and a bit of intrigue with the mutiny that took place, compliments of the talented ladies. We give the third season a number 2 in the ranking.

Halt and Catch Fire Season 4

The fourth and final season brought us to the end of many things. The characters are people we had come to know intimately. Still, through the multitude of unfolding stories and backstories, we became accustomed to the thrill off finding out new things about aspects of their personalities and interactions which were unusually interesting. Donna’s heart was in the right place but she took a strong stance that could be off-putting. Cameron was an excellent coder and Joe MacMillan did what he did and it was tough to get a good fix on the complex character. That’s the way we like it, but with the relationships moving in and out at a dizzying pace, we’ll miss the rush. The finale series took us to the limits which is in part why fans are a bit dismayed with the cancellation and end of the maelstrom of stories within the story. The ending seemed to leave room for an entire new series, but as Donna tells Cameron about her new idea, it leaves us hanging there, left in the 1990s. We rank the final season as the absolute best.

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