Remembering Christina Hendricks as Saffron in “Firefly”

Saffron had to be one of Christina Hendricks‘ most devious characters ever. On Firefly she was what you would call a very shady character as she married Reynolds without him being aware of the ritual they were engaging in, and then tricked him into trusting her so that she could take control of the Firefly and send it careening towards pirate-infested space. Thankfully the crew rectified that situation and escaped with their lives and their ship intact. They eventually tracked Saffron down where Reynolds confronted her and promptly knocked her out when she didn’t decide to give him any more information. That wasn’t the end of her stint with them however as she would come back and get the upperhand on Reynolds again.

This time however he was ready and had one of his crew members, Inna Serra, lying in wait for Saffron. Once Serra stuck her in a trash bin she went back and retrieved Reynolds. The motivations of Saffron seem pretty simple: she’s out to get what she wants and will turn on anyone that gets in her way. It’s a very simplistic way to be but when used right it can cause some serious damage. Getting people to trust you through feminine wiles is nothing to be played with but when Saffron felt her back against the wall it was her go-to card for just about everything. The problem with this is that it would only work so many times before backfiring on the individual doing the playing. Plus, with a crew like that which mans the Firefly it’s best to not even try since if they’re all alert and on the move then there’d be no chance for her to do much of anything.

As far as the series goes she was one of the most devious individuals around since she would gladly turn on those she considered to be easy marks. Saffron’s whole deal was that everyone played everyone eventually and she meant to be the one doing the playing, not the one getting played. Her feminine wiles and seemingly innocent look managed to get her out of a couple of scrapes, and it even managed to fool Reynolds a couple of times, and he’s a hardened individual that should be able to keep his wits about him at all times. But there are times when women are able to break down even the toughest of men with but a look and a seductive pose as they tell their stories of woe. That’s the kind of thing Saffron would do when she felt that her mastery of the situation was spinning out of control. The trouble with it was that it likely didn’t work on anyone but men, which meant that if it no longer worked on certain men that she was in serious trouble.

Some folks might have had a slight issue with Reynolds knocking her out with a heavy punch, but given that she’d almost sent him, his ship, and his crew rocketing into the arms of pirates it felt pretty justified.

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