Ronda Rousey Is Finally Going To Sign A WWE Contract

It seems as though the WWE isn’t quite done with Ronda Rousey just yet! After making her WWE debut at the Royal Rumble match back in January, it has been confirmed that the champ will be signing her WWE contract in the next two weeks, during the Elimination Chamber that will take place on February 25th. This Raw contract that she is signing will take up the majority of her time, as the WWE will be her first priority and will become a full time thing for the sports star. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the details regarding her upcoming full time gig with the WWE, and what to expect after she signs her contract in a couple of weeks.

Weeks Of Speculation

As many already know, there has been weeks and weeks of speculation surrounding what would be next for the UFC champion in regard to her career and her next move in the industry. This was all somewhat confirmed when Ronda Rousey made her surprise appearance at the first ever women’s match at the Royal Rumble that took place in January. After this appearance, it was announced officially on this past Monday by Raw general manager Kurt Angle that she would be signing the contract to become the newest WWE star within the company. This, of course, didn’t reveal too much information when it came to her training or her story that would mark her territory with the WWE, but fans are sure to find out soon enough.

What To Expect — Elimination Chamber

As you can guess, many of the things that occur with the WWE are not straightforward, including contract signing for newcomers. That being said, Ronda Rousey’s contract signing to come on February 25th during the Elimination Chamber will be an intro into the storyline that will surround Rousey during her full time career with the company. This will also give fans a bit of a taste of what to expect once WrestleMania 34 comes around, which is scheduled to take place come April 8th of this year. Other than these slight comments and announcements here and there, there really hasn’t been much more information regarding what Rousey’s career will look like when she officially joins the WWE.

Regardless of the news of this career switch for the former UFC champion, there are some mixed feelings when it comes to fans and how they feel about the future star joining the WWE company. This may be because it has been over a month since Rousey has made a WWE appearance, her last time being at the Royal Rumble. We’re sure that many fans, along with WWE Raw company, are assuming that her debut at the Elimination Chamber in a couple of weeks will spark the interest once again, making her the talk of the town in the wrestling world. Make sure to stay tuned with us regarding any other information and details that may come about regarding Ronda Rousey and her career change, making her way into the WWE universe.

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