Star Wars: The Clone Wars is Coming Back and We Think It’s the Right Move

If you want to be completely honest when it comes to fans, Star Wars fans have been some of the most rabid ever since episode 8 came out, and even before then a good deal of them have managed to ostracize themselves from many others when it comes to even talking about the franchise, largely because they take things too far and don’t allow for a hint of doubt to creep into their otherwise concrete ideas about the story. Thankfully the return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series should give some closure to those that have been wondering how we went from the original animated series to Revenge of the Sith without a solid explanation of how the war ended, where Ahsoka went, and how matters came to be as they were. It’s almost a guarantee that some fans will cry ‘foul’ when watching the series, but others will no doubt take at least some comfort in seeing a conclusion to the war drawn out in a way that will bring it all together. The funny thing about this is that many people, fans included, decided to take the franchise as it was without asking or demanding for a way to close the books on how the Clone Wars ended. It was hinted at in the Rebels series, but never fully shown.

Well, now people can finally say that they have some very needed closure. Here’s what we know about it at the moment, and why we believe it will be a good thing.

Ahsoka will return.

If you’ll remember Ahsoka left the Order after being accused by the Jedi of being a saboteur, which of course was false as it turned out to be Barriss Offee, one of Ahsoka’s fellow padawans at one time and her friend. While she was cleared of any charges this was a huge blow to Ahsoka’s belief in the Order and caused her to have second thoughts about becoming a Jedi. Fans will already know that she came back in Rebels and supposedly met her end when she engaged in combat with her old master, now known as Darth Vader. But the return of Ahsoka, who is one of the undeniable favorites of the series, is something that a lot of people will be looking forward to.

It will tie in to Revenge of the Sith.

Some people were a bit put out when they saw that the beginning of Revenge of Sith had to do with a major battle between the Republic and the Separatists, and that Chancellor Palpatine had been captured. After all, in the Clone Wars movie, episode 2, it was seen at the end of the movie that the war had already begun, but had not come anywhere near to the head that it seemed to be at in the third episode. In fact, the war was over by the time the third movie really got going, and General Grievous was forced to run while Count Dooku, the supposed mastermind, was killed in the rescue of Chancellor Palpatine. This means there was a huge gap in between the two movies that had to be explained and the Clone Wars animated series was meant to do just that, especially since the Clone Wars lasted for a while between the two movies. In this run of the series however we’ll get to see loose ends tied up and a more fitting connection between the movies and the animated series.

It will be interesting to see how various components of the Clone Wars will fit in with the movies.

If you’ve read any of the graphic novels, books, watched the series, or even played the games then you know very well that there was a lot that went into the Clone Wars, possibly just as much as went into the movies themselves. The characters that were brought to life in the Clone Wars were both intriguing and meaningful to the plot, so it will be interesting to see what happens to various characters as they make the final progression through the ending of the war. Rebels has done a lot to try and fill in some blanks when it comes to the story but it couldn’t possibly do everything without damaging the integrity of its own plot, so the return of the Clone Wars is kind of necessary. Also, seeing how Ahsoka grows from a young Togruta to a fully-trained and awesome Force-user (remember she’s not a Jedi, she even said she’s not) will be fun to see.

As a fan this is something that is and isn’t all that important as the story of Star Wars is great enough to rest as it is or continue onward so long as there’s at least enough continuity to keep it interesting. Let’s wait and see what the fanboys have to say though….or not.

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