Sting and Shaggy Collaborate On a New Single

Sometimes the most unlikely individuals get together for a collaboration and manage to create something quite interesting. Shaggy and Sting have come together on a song called Morning is Coming, and the sound so far is something that’s quite special and hearkens back to what you might remember from the early 90’s to early 2000’s. It’s got a moderate pace that is pleasant and doesn’t rush, and it sounds like something that could be considered a hit for both artists if it’s accepted by enough people as one of the better collaborations of the year. It’s amazing to think of these two getting together for a track but it’s here and it sounds great.

Shaggy as you might remember had several hits from the late 90’s to 2000’s like Angel and It Wasn’t Me, while Sting has been an icon ever since he was with The Police. Both men have made it big in the music industry but both have also been known to kind of slip below the radar after a while and kind of lose that verve that they used to have. This track could be a way to come back for both of them. It could mean more exposure and a resurgence in their careers that might give them new life at least for a while. Of course it could also be something just for fun and to see what might come of the effort. After all both men made their names a while back and don’t have much to prove so it could be a collaboration that was thought up by someone and was decided worth following through. It seems more like the former could be true than the latter however.

In terms of the song and style of music they could actually be onto something, but in terms of how competitive the music industry still is and how many noted bands and artists out there are still doing their very best to be at the top of their game these two might need to step it up just a bit. This first song is great but if they decided to keep going with new songs it might be even better. Whether together or apart they would need to reawaken that creative spirit that managed to lift them both up to where they used to be, though at this point it might be better if they enjoy some success rather than climbing for the peaks again. If it happens then so be it, that’d be great and people would love to see them reach the heights again. But in the music industry that height is hard to maintain even for newcomers and people who have the attention of the audience.

For those that have already had their moment years ago it’s tough to get back on top, though with so many different generations willing to see them do well it could be something that might happen. You never really know what’s going to happen until the fans speak after all.

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