Video of People Holding a Baby For the First Time in Slow Motion

People holding babies for the first time in slow motion is just amusing. A lot of this has to do with the fact that once you’re a parent and have more than one child that your comfort level tends to go up so high that holding a baby is just second nature. But if you’ve never had a child, never held a baby, and have no idea of how it’s supposed to go then it’s very easy to assume that you will have no idea just what to do. To all those single folks that have never held a baby it can be a strange and sometimes intimidating experience. But really if you think about it these folks aren’t doing that bad. In fact the kid really seems to be freaking out with just one person, and there’s not a lot of reason given for this since the guy is pretty mellow. Of course if the kid has a wet diaper it could be bumming him out too since he does start to cry for one of the women.

The test subjects are really good about it for the most part. The tall, skinny guy seems to be the only person that really couldn’t calm the kid down, but he was at least pretty good about trying. The women seemed to form more of an emotional reaction to the little boy than the men, since two of them actually admitted to it and the third at least said that she might need to start hanging around more babies. Women, regardless of whether they want kids or not, tend to have more emotional ties on average to children it would seem than men do.

This might seem a little disconcerting since it could indicate that men have little to no real attachment to children, but that’s not the case. When it’s their own men either do or don’t feel an attachment. There’s not a lot of middle ground in that case and quite honestly those that abandon their kids, sad but true, tend to always harbor some form of regret whether they’ll cop to it or not.

It might seem a bit stereotypical but for men a child is a legacy that can be passed on, a way to keep themselves relevant through teaching their children what they know and passing on their knowledge so that they and their eventual children will be taken care of in the years to come. For women the act of having children is far more emotional and fosters a deeper connection that men can fully acknowledge but not always fully understand. Like it or not that’s how we’re wired on a very fundamental level.

It’s entirely possible to break out of these norms of course. Some women never feel the maternal feelings of motherhood, but that instinct is still there regardless. Some men never want kids, but they’ll still seek to protect something and leave something behind for future generations. It’s hard to fight it because those feelings are hard-wired so deeply in our brains, but the fact is that no matter if you have kids or, like the folks in the clip, have no idea what to do with kids, each person will have their own unique reaction based on whether they’re male or female.

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