Video Showcasing Some of the Best Cosplay at Fan Expo Dallas 2018

A lot of people get into cosplay, but as this video from the Fan Expo in Dallas shows some of them are just that much better than others. The level of commitment that goes into their costumes is simply awesome and more than a little amazing. Even if you happen to go to an event and don’t dress up it’s still worth it to see those that do get fully into cosplay. In some cases it seems that the players might go a little overboard and possibly be a little nutty, but honestly that’s the name of the game in cosplay, you go where your imagination takes you. Some people are purists that want everything to be in the right place and to be exactly as it appears in the show, movie, comic, or game, but others will put their own spin on the outfits they wear. In truth, all of them are impressive.

Having the chance to walk around and look at them all from a distance or up close is something of a treat and can give people ideas of doing this kind of thing on their own or possibly write up a story about it, or make a video about it showing how awesome it can really be. The idea of anyone saying that cosplayers are wasting their time on this type of life is really a lack of respect for what people value and who they are. Granted it doesn’t feed anyone or change the world in a huge, profound way, but it’s still a form of artistic expression that inspires people on different levels and motivates them in ways that some folks can’t seem to understand. It’s a subculture that exists to nurture the imagination of those that identify with the fantasy world as well as the real world and try to bring a bit of both into play so that people can be allowed to enjoy them both at the same time.

The amount of work that goes into these costumes is anything but a waste of time unless the person doing the cosplay isn’t that fully into it. Of course if they’re not into it then most people won’t manage to create costumes this great. Despite the beliefs of some that these kind of conventions are nothing but giant nerd festivals for geeks and freaks that like to play video games and read comic books, the truth is that people from all walks of life love to come to these things. People that are into sports, the outdoors, and staying active throughout the year love these conventions just as much as those that don’t get out much and spend a good part of their day in front of the computer playing one game or another. This subculture isn’t entirely exclusive to anyone since it welcomes everyone that wants to come on in and have a good time with it.

Maybe that’s why it’s so much fun. If you want to come on in and just look then by all means go on and do so. Just leave your cynicism at the door.

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