If You Want Puerto Rico Coverage, Tune In To The Weather Channel

We all remember the devastation that hit the tiny island of Puerto Rico as monster storm Hurricane Maria hit the country with a vengeance. The damage was severe and it left residents without power, food or water in many locations. Some were struggling to find adequate shelter. While Americans did send aid to assist the people in their hour of need, the news was soon replaced with other events taking place and it was shifted to the back burner. We can thank The Weather Channel for not dropping the ball on this important story. The station is known for providing top notch journalism in addition to a comprehensive coverage of the weather.

Keeping us informed

The Weather Channel was one of the few media organizations to continue coverage of the state of Puerto Rico after the devastating storm had passed. They let the world know that “This is still happening” as the island scrambled to pull together meager resources. While the focus of the mainland was shifted to the state of Florida which weathered much better than Puerto Rico, The Weather Channel maintained its coverage of what was going on in Puerto Rico and continued to offer current news about what was taking place there. They were there to remind us that the passing of the storm was just the begining of the crisis that unfolded in the days and weeks to come.

Crusaders in the news

Staff of The Weather Channel have each put in their time working long hours and providing in-depth coverage of weather related events in the past decades. Some of the nation’s top meteorologists constantly monitor changing weather events to warn thousands about the potential for catastrophic weather events. Few in the media are so dedicated to following through once the event has passed and this is what sets them apart in a fast paced world that is changing daily. They’ve been faithful in providing follow up coverage that shows the world what the victims of weather related events are going through in the wake of the devastation and we’re reminded that these are real people who are struggling to rebuild their cities, homes and lives after a catastrophic event. The news is delivered around the clock in a 24/7 format that keeps us aware of situations that could, do and have happened.

A few things to consider

If you were growing tired of hearing about the plight of the people in Puerto Rico, perhaps there are a few things that should be re-thought. The outside world had already moved on to what’s new in the news and had forgotten about the people of Puerto Rico. The needs are as urgent now as they were in the hours and days after Maria hit. The Weather Channel is doing its part to make sure that we don’t forget and that we continue to do what we can to help a nation that is struggling to recover. We can wait a few weeks to watch our favorite recaps of weather gone viral or the greatest hurricane’s of all time. They have a knack for sifting through what is important and going with the humanitarian issues that need the attention of the world now.

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