Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Performs “I’m a Little Teapot”

For some reason Benedict Cumberbatch reciting I’m a Little Teapot sounds so unbearably tragic, but then he is an actor. And plus, the idea of spending a little time with the actor for tea does sound appealing since it also means that the fortunate individual that wins this chance to speak with Benedict will also win the chance at two free tickets to the opening of Avengers: Infinity War. And plus every donation goes to the GEANCO Foundation in order to help those in Africa that need such aid, a charity that is near and dear to Benedict’s heart. So how many people would be up for this?

Benedict Cumberbatch is certainly one of the many actors that you don’t know how to take at first since he seems to be a very intelligent and even intellectual person and yet at the same time can alter his mannerisms in order to fit into a situation. He is an actor so that’s not too much of a stretch really to think that he can accomplish such a thing. But the idea that he would gladly sit down and spend time with fans who make the donation and are thus selected for this distinct pleasure is something that a lot of actors don’t ever seem to do much of. A lot of them seem charitable enough but perhaps they don’t have time in their schedule or just aren’t big into meeting people all that often. Cumberbatch seems like he might be that way at times but without ever meeting him it’s really hard to say for sure.

The fact that he’s doing this however seems to indicate that he’s at least charitable enough to sit down with fans and discuss whatever might be on their mind at the time. Plus the chance to see him recite I’m a Little Teapot would be something that I’m sure a lot of diehard fans of the actor would love to see. He’s proven to be a very big name in the last few years and getting to see him at all would no doubt be a life-defining moment for a lot of people. Getting to pick an actor’s brain for even a short amount of time is an experience that a lot of people would willingly pay for, so this charity that he’s into should be seeing a few donations if it hasn’t already. Plus the chance to win two tickets to the next Avengers movie would also be a good reason for many people when it comes to being giving.

The upcoming Avengers film is starting to look like one that’s going to deliver on the promise that things are going to change in a big way, and there’s no telling yet just who’s going to make it out alive and who’s going to be mourned at the end. I do know from having read the comics that Dr. Strange lived while Captain American and Thor didn’t. But with the Infinity Gauntlet a lot of things are possible.

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