Whatever Happened to the Cast of “30 Rock?”

30 Rock was the kind of show that you watched when you wanted to see someone making fun at the expense of someone else. True, there are a lot of shows like this, but 30 Rock was poking fun at big corporations like NBC since a lot of the material had to do with what went on behind the scenes of a sketch comedy show not unlike that which some of the cast had a great deal of experience with. That fact alone helped the show to become increasingly popular since Tina Fey, the creator of the show, knew just how to inject the right amount of comedy into her work to make people want to keep watching. She is after all an SNL alum that has been in the business of making people laugh for some time and knows her way around a joke. The show is over unfortunately and the cast has disbanded, but thankfully most of them have landed new positions over the past several years that have seen them gain just as much fame if not more than they did on the show.

So here’s what happened to some of the cast.

Jane Krakowski

Jane has been an actress for a long time if you can recall. She was after all Cousin Eddie’s daughter in National Lampoon’s Vacation, which seems like eons ago at this point. Jane has been pretty busy however since the show ended and one thing you might recognize her on, besides the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt where she’s been great, are those orange juice and Sonic commercials that have been on the air for a while.

Alec Baldwin

There’s not a lot that Alec Baldwin hasn’t done before and after the show. He’s been keeping busy since 30 went off the air but he’s also been busily parodying the current POTUS on SNL, something he seems to love to do and something that many people love to watch. Trump doesn’t seem to care for it but there’s not much he can do since it’s satire and more to the point it’s kind of protected.

Judah Friedlander

Judah hasn’t been quite as busy as the others but he has kept fairly stable with his career and he has managed to keep himself occupied since he’s had a few projects here and there. To date he’s still working and is still finding things to do with himself that can make a lot of people laugh.

Scott Adsit

Scott Adist has appeared in a lot of shows and movies as an extra or with a cameo appearance and has been pretty funny when he needs to be and extremely well-rounded as an actor. One of his most notable roles however uses only his voice as he is the man behind Baymax, the robotic hero in Big Hero 6, both the movie and the TV series. That seems to be his biggest claim to fame recently.

Jack McBrayer

Jack is the kind of guy you might forget if you didn’t hear him or see him on a regular basis but he has been pretty prevalent in Hollywood. In fact he’s had a couple of really notable roles such as his spot on Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, and as Fixit Felix Jr. on Wreck It Ralph. He’s not always easy to recognize for some reason but he’s easily one of the more talented men in Hollywood.

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan is one of those comedians that can get gruff and loud and then people start to laugh. Otherwise it really seems like he has a more subtle sense of humor that gets you laughing all the same but has to be listened to carefully in order to get what he’s saying. He’s incredibly funny though and has had a long and very storied career. His latest show, Original O.G., is one of his most recent works.

Tina Fey

Tina Fey is what you might call the total package. She’s funny, smart, good-looking, and extremely talented. From her earliest films and TV roles to now she’s been insanely busy and yet has still managed to make time for her family. This woman is one of the greats and hopefully will go down in history as being among the legends of Hollywood since it’s been proven so far that there isn’t a lot that she can’t do. Just like the others on this list she’s been very successful, but she’s also taken charge of her life and her career in a way that simply defies conventional thought and can’t help but be inspiring.

The cast of 30 Rock, there are more of them of course but the list has to be truncated slightly, have all gone on to do great things with their careers. Thankfully a lot of them had enough experience going into the show that once it was over they had no problem transitioning into something else.

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