Whatever Happened to the Cast of Babylon 5?

“Babylon 5” was a sci-fi series that ran from 1994 to 1998. The story took place in the year 2258 after the Earth-Minbari War. A large space station is orbiting the planet. Commanders Sinclair, and later Sheridan are charged with the task of establishing peace with interstellar empires. Amidst fighting, Babylon stations one through five have disappeared and only 5 remains. In the same regard, the cast has also vanished into obscurity.

Whatever happened to the cast of the popular series?

  • Mira Furlan – Mira played the character Delenn from 1994-98. She went on to appear in several films including “Surviving Me: The Nine Circles of Sophie” (2015), “Lantern City” (2014), America, Here We Come” (2014), “Just Add Magic” (2016) and several other films and television series.
  • Richard Biggs who played Dr. Stephen Franklin died in 2004.
  • Stephen Furst was the character Vir Cotto. He had been busy acting and producing films. Some of his work included “Atomic Shark” (2016), “Cold Moon” (2016), and “Without a Paddle” (2016).  He was best known for playing “Flounder” in Animal House. Unfortunately Furst passed away in June 2017.
  • Andreas Katsulas was G’kar. He died in 2006.
  • Peter Jurasic was Londo Mollari. He went on to appear in “Times Like Dying” (2016), “The Longest Ride” (2015)”Step A Head” (2015)and “Changing Course.”
  • Bill Mumy who played Lennier most recently appeared in “Transformers: Rescue Bots” (2014) “Bravest Warriors” (2014), “Space Command” (2016) and “Under the Smogberry Trees” (2016).
  • Jerry Doyle who was Michael Garibaldi passed away in 2016.
  • Bruce Boxleitner was John Sheridan. After the series ended he appeared in a variety of television series with his most recent work being “Wedding Bells” (2016) and “Cedar Cove” (2014).
  • Claudia Christian was Susan Ivanova. She most recently appeared in “The Dot Man” (2017) and “All Your Base: Last of Last” (2016).
    Jeff Conaway played Zack Allan. He died in 2011 at age 60.
  • Patricia Tallman was Lyta Alexander. She most recently appeared in “The Duel” (2016).
  • Jason Carter played the role of Marcus Cole. He went on to play a variety of roles in television series and films with his most recent work in an episode of “Roots” (2016) and “The Duel” (2016).
  • Andrea Thompson was Talia Winters. Her last acting role was in 2010
  • Josh Coxx was David Corwin. His most recent appearance was in “Nashville” ( 2015).
  • Ardwight Chamberlain was the voice of Kosh Naranek. He went into writing after the series ended.
  • Michael O’Hare was Jeffrey Sinclair. He died in 2012.
  • Julie Caitlin Brown was Na’Toth. She last acted in 2013 but is active as a co-producer.
  • Robert Rusler was Warren Kefler. He most recently appeared in “Murder in the First” (2016).
  • Mary Kay Adams as Na’Toth Last acted in 2005.
  • Tracy Scoggins as Elizabeth Lochley last appeared in “Borrowed Moments” (2014).
  • Marianne Robertson as Tech #1 has not acted since the series ended.
  • Jonathan Chapman was Brakiri Ambassador and last acted in 2001.
  • Kim Strauss was Drazi Ambassador and last acted in 2013.
  • Ed Wasser was Morden/Guerra and most recently appeared in “Weekend Delivery” (2015).
  • Walter Koenig was Alfred Bester and most recently appeared in “Star Trek: Renegades” (2015). He is also active as a writer.
  • Wayne Alexander was Lorien. He last acted in 2013.
  • Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. was William Edgars. He died in 2014.
  • Maggie Egan was Jane / ISN Anchor is still acting with her most recent appearance in “Lonely Lil” in 2016.
  • Robin Atkin Downes was Byron. He most recently appeared in “The Strain” (2014-2016).
  • Denise Gentile was Lise Hampton and her last known acting role was in 2010.
  • Damian London was Regent Virini etc and has not acted since the series ended.
  • Marjorie Monaghan was Number One and her last known acting role was in 2005.
  • David L. Crowley was Lou Welch and his last known acting role was in 2004.
  • Marshall Teague was Ta’Lon. His last acting roles were in “Bail Out” (2014-2016) and ” AmeriGeddon”
  • William Forward was Lord Antonio Rofa and last acted in 2005.
  • John Vickery was Neroon/Mr. Welles and last acted in 2012.
  • Robin Sachs was Hedronn/Warleader Na’Kal/Na’Tok and died in 2013.
  • Louis Turenne was Draal/Brother Theo and last acted in 1996.
  • Ron Campbell was Drazi Ambassado and last acted in 2009.
  • Wortham Krimmer was Emperor Cartagia and last acted in 2010.
  • Macaulay Bruton was Garibaldi’s Aide and last acted in 2003.
  • Tim Choate was Zathras and died in 2004.
  • Mark Schneider was Wade and last acted in 2002.
  • James Kiriyama-Lem was Med Tech and last acted in 2010.
  • Doug McCoy played various parts and has not acted since the series ended.
  • Kat Cressida was Kat the Bartender. She most recently appeared in “Gotham Stories” (2016)
  • Elisa Beth Garver was Tech #2 and last acted in 1998.
  • Gary McGurk was President Morgan Clark and last acted in 2003.

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