Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Girls?”

Girls was, more or less, the process through which many people might have experienced their 20s put into television. When the main character’s parents decide to cut her off financially she’s forced to come to an understanding of how the world works and how she needs to do for herself rather than be helped along on a constant basis. While it might seem like a hard and uncaring lesson it is something that forces people to grow up and realize just what it takes to survive on their own, an important skill that too many people in this world no longer seem to have. However, the main character does manage to figure things eventually, one mistake at a time. Sometimes the road towards adulthood and independence is a little rocky, but it’s a little better when traveled with friends that can and do help at times.

But what happened to the cast?

Andrew Rannells – Elijah Krantz

Andrew has kept himself busy following the ending of the show and has kind of skipped back and forth between projects. He’s been prominent in both TV and movies and has also gone back to the theater more than once. He’s even provided voice roles for cartoons and video games, so it’s safe to say that he’s been keeping his career going and doing very well in fact.

Zosia Marnet – Shoshanna Shapiro

Zosia has been keeping a pretty balanced career thus far and seems to be doing just fine. She’s starred in a few notable shows and has guest-starred in others. Right now her career is definitely stable but one has to wonder just how it will continue to go. The chances are good that she’ll keep finding parts so long as she keeps doing what brought her to the industry in the first place while adapting as needed in order to keep herself on the cutting edge.

Adam Driver – Adam Sackler

Adam has had a stellar career thus far before and after the show as he’s become one of the most well-known characters in the new Star Wars trilogy and he’s managed to make several movies that have earned him critical acclaim. To many he’s kind of a surprise that came out of nowhere but managed to win the hearts and minds of many people with his different acts that have seen him go from being a quiet, reserved individual to a murderous, vengeful Sith lord that has done his best to be as crazed and psychopathic as possible. So far it seems like there are nothing but good things in his future.

Jemima Kirk – Jessa Johansson

Jemima’s career hasn’t been quite as busy as her costars but she’s still been moving forward. Her pace seems to be a lot slower as though she’s picking her parts carefully and being very selective. For some folks shows like Girls tend to be a high point in their career, but so long as one keeps moving forward their popularity with their fans should hold and they should be able to find work if they really want it. Jemima has been seen in a few movies and has made some guest appearances on several shows since Girls wrapped up.

Allison Williams – Marnie Michaels

Allison has been in a couple of movies, one that a lot of people should recognize, Get Out. She played the part of Rose Armitage and as a part of the family trying so hard to keep Chris in the house she was perhaps one of the worst since she was so deceptive in her methods. Her part has been analyzed and pored over again and again to show people what they missed the first time they watched the movie, meaning that she obviously did a great job and deserves her accolades.

Lena Dunham – Hannah Horvath

It’s very easy to say that Lena has been a controversial character with the many things she’s said and the causes she’s championed over the past few years, but her talent on the screen is also something that needs to be mentioned. She’s been very outspoken about a few things and has never really pulled any punches when it comes to voicing her pleasure or displeasure with politics. At this point she’s still very much a part of the industry but she has managed to part the fans when it comes those that will gladly support her and those that want nothing to do with her. This is an unfortunate side effect of speaking your mind but she’s bound to do so no matter what as this is the kind of person she is.

It’s fair to say that the cast of Girls have all gone on to do great things, and it’s easy to see that each one of them are strong-willed individuals that could have a lot of years left cultivating what could be successful careers.

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