TVO News Wormhole Weekend Edition: SGU, Pilot Casting, HBO Texas Drama

Welcome to your weekend trip through the TVO Wormhole, a quick look at some of the notable newsbits from this week.

– First up, Syfy announced Wednesday that Stargate Universe (SGU) will return to our TV screens on March 7th to finish up their second and final season. The show was cancelled back in December due to low ratings after its move to Tuesday nights after Caprica, which was also cancelled. While there was some shimmer of hope on rescuing the show being thrown around by the producers, Joseph Mallozzi kind of nipped that in the bud. While saying something is brewing, it’s not the concoction fans might want. “To those holding out hope that this could mean a third season pick-up – alas, this isn’t one of the scenarios in play,” Mallozzi said on his blog. Bummer.

– Look out, Dallas. HBO has their eyes set on the Lonestar State as the basis for a new drama for the network. Deadline reports that Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock has teamed up with “Brokeback Mountain” screenwriters Larry McMurtry (“Lonesome Dove”, “Terms of Endearment”) and Diana Ossana to bring what Deadline has dubbed, “a big-canvas Texas political drama” to the cable giant. The show is the brainchild of Spurlock, who will be produce it alongside McMurtry and Ossana, who will write the script.

– ABC’s pilot, “In Crisis”, is getting help from a LOST alum. TVLine gave word that everyone’s favorite time jumper, Henry Ian Cusick, has joined the pilot to star alongside Kerry Washington as the male lead and possible love interest for Washington’s character. Katie Lowes has also joined the cast, which also stars Columbus Short. The Shonda Rhimes drama follows Olivia Williams (Washington) as she balances her personal life with that of her “dysfunctional” team of crisis management consultants. Cusick’s character will be a litigator on Olivia’s team, while Lowes will portray a new laywer on the staff.

You’ve just left the Wormhole. Please pay the alien dressed as a tollman on your way out. It will benefit you later. Trust us.

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