5 Twisted TV Shows That No One Seems To Remember

man vs beast

Weird is really only good when it works. You can apply this (weirdness) to anything. From films to music and art, if it works, cool. People will remember it forever, usually. But if the weird is bad, people will lock it away in the vaults inside their minds forever. It is with that thinking in mind that we decided to dig up some shows that were so insane, so twisted, that no one seems to remember them. TV is an ever-expanding medium, but sometimes that is not always a good thing. Here are five twisted TV shows that no one seems to remember.

Homeboys in Outer Space

We have brought this show up before, because part of us are convinced we made it up in our minds. Consisting or terrible urban stereotypes set against the backdrop of space and tainted by the zaniness of poorly written sci-fi. Homeboys in Outer Space was so bad, it wasn’t good. You know how some stuff is so bad it ends up being ironically good? Yes, this was not that.

This show was just bad.

Man VS. Beast

This one happened barely a decade ago, and yet, you bring it up to people they think you are making it up. Man VS. Beast was a reality show that is not quite as brutal as it sounds. It did not have men or women actually fighting bears. But what made it one of the most twisted TV shows out there was the fact that it answered questions that no one asked.

Can a man sleep longer than a cat? Can a bear balance a stick longer than a human can? Does your child run faster than an emu? It was so twisted, in fact,  I am surprised it is not still on. Wait, it’s not still on, is it?


Misfits of Science

Another show that no one remembers, yet had stars on it, and wasn’t even that bad (in the 80’s. Now it is just awful). Misfits of Science featured a young Courtney Cox as one of a crew of people who had super powers. You had the teenager with mind control powers. The dude who could freeze things.

I sometimes think this show might have been the secret inspiration for the best TV show of all time, BBC’s The Misfits. Wow, it is all coming together now.

Max Headroom

Another eighties show that, if you show it to people, they remember it. But if you just mention it, people will look at you like you had six heads. Here, I will prove it: Max Headroom. You know, that show about that guy who lived inside your TV and he made all those strange faces and voices. But there was really no plot, and went on to shill in Pepsi ads?

See, told you. But it was real, and way too ahead of its time.

The Singing Detective

An older BBC show that was actually quite popular and later earned a movie adaptation starring the brilliant Robert Downey Jr, that still doesn’t mean anyone from this side of the pond will have any idea what you are talking about if you bring it up. You know, the one with the detective who sings? No. Okay. *walks away slowly

Best to just avoid that awkward scenario altogether, and just all go back to pretending these twisted TV shows never existed.

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