Photos – Ugly Betty 4.10 “The Passion of the Betty”

Ugly Betty will be moving to 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday beginning January 6th and ABC has already released promo photos and a synopsis for the episode.


Jesse Tyler Ferguson (“Modern Family”) Returns As Betty’s Orthodontist, Dr. Farkas

Christine Ebersole and Matt Newton (Becki Newton’s brother) also Guest Star

“The Passion of the Betty” – In “Ugly Betty’s” first episode in its new Wednesday night timeslot as part of ABC’s winning comedy bloc, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (“Modern Family”) makes a cameo appearance, returning as Betty’s orthodontist, Dr. Farkas. When Betty becomes concerned that she and Matt are spending too much time together, she tries to give him something else to be passionate about — a surprise gallery showing of his art work — with unintended results (Tony Award-winning actress Christine Ebersole guest stars as Frances, the gallery owner). Meanwhile, Marc is horrified that his one-night stand, Troy (Matt Newton), is falling for him, since Marc was Troy’s “first,” Hilda grapples with whether or not to tell Bobby that he’s the father of her unborn child, and Cal Hartley hires a Hollywood powerhouse, Denise Ludwig (Nadia Dajani), to replace Wilhemina, on “Ugly Betty,” WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Ugly Betty” stars America Ferrera as Betty Suarez, Eric Mabius as Daniel Meade, Tony Plana as Ignacio, Ana Ortiz as Hilda, Judith Light as Claire Meade, Becki Newton as Amanda, Michael Urie as Marc, Mark Indelicato as Justin, Daniel Eric Gold as Matt Hartley and Vanessa Williams as Wilhelmina Slater.

Guest starring are Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Dr. Farkas, Christine Ebersole as Frances, David Rasche as Cal Hartley, Alec Mapa as Suzuki St. Pierre, Nadia Dajani as Denise Ludwig, Matt Newton as Troy, Nathanael Maini as art gallery patron, with Adam Rodriguez as Bobby Talercio.

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