Ugly Betty Spoiler

Hoooo boy. When I got this tidbit my jaw dropped to the ground. Not that that generally takes much. Read on past the jump….

Ausiello reports that Christopher Gorham will be BACK on Ugly Betty… this season! Yes, and that means that Betty (America Ferrera) and Henry will have some screentime together. Gasp!

Gorham will reappear in the show’s two-hour season finale on May 21 when Betty runs into Henry and his new girlfriend in the Big Apple. To prove to themselves that they’ve moved on, Betty and Henry agree to go on a double date to a Mets game with their respective significant others. Good times, right? Not exactly… “As Henry and Betty reconnect, it could potentially threaten her relationship with Matt,” teases Horta, who adds that he’s “really happy” to have Gorham back in the fold. “Chris has always been, and will always be, part of the Ugly Betty family.”

This could definitely post a problem for all the Betty and Matt shippers…. although the die-hard Hetty shippers are possibly still doing jigs. As for us Detty fans…. fahgettaboutit.

Ugly Betty (Finally!!) returns on Thursday, April 30th.

Full Story: Entertainment Weekly


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